Matthew Stafford’s elbow injury update won’t please Rams fans

Matthew Stafford’s current condition is bad news for Los Angeles Rams fans.

As reported earlier, Stafford is suffering from an ugly elbow tendinitis that he has been dealing with since spring. While Ian Rapoport of NFL Network noted that the Rams have no long-term concerns about the injury, it remains an issue worth keeping an eye one since it affects the QB’s daily work.

What could be a worse injury for a QB than an elbow issue in his throwing arm, right?

Making matters even more worrisome for the Rams, Rapoport explained during an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show that Stafford is expected to hold off from throwing in several practices.

“This is not nothing,” Rapoport shared. “It’s a quarterback, it is an arm. You know, Super Bowl champion who is not throwing, there is going to be several practices where he’s not gonna throw.

“It [elbow injury] was described to me as ‘thrower’s elbow,’ which is basically a pitcher injury where you have a tendon issue in your elbow, and you have to kinda manage it.”

It’s not clear how long Matthew Stafford needs to rest his elbow to get back to throwing again, as well as whether or not he has to have regular rests to properly manage the injury during the season. However, it is certainly concerning that it is as severe as it is now.

Stafford did say recently that his injury and the condition of his elbow is “coming along” and right where he wants it to be. Based on latest reports, though, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Here’s to hoping that Stafford’s injury won’t be a long-term problem. The Rams need him to be at his best in their bid to defend their Super Bowl title. If he can’t, Sean McVay and the rest of Los Angeles will have to find a way to navigate through the season.

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