microsoft: Notepad on Windows 11 to soon get support for emojis

Microsoft teased new design of its native apps when Windows 11 was unveiled last year. While several features that were announced by Microsoft were available to the public with the official OS release, a few features that were left are now being rolled out to the public. In the past couple of weeks, the company has expanded the redesigned Notepad app to more users. The redesigned app aligns with the design elements of the new operating system. The app comes with an updated UI including rounded corners, Mica, and more. Now, the company has announced several new features for the Notepad app.
As per a blog post by Murray Sargent, principle software engineer at Microsoft, the company is bringing the feature to the Notepad app. The tech giant has also confirmed it is the same as the one that’s loaded in Microsoft applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. This means that with the upcoming updates, the Notepad app will support emojis as well.
After redesigning the app for Windows 11, the company also brought dark mode to Notepad. By default, Notepad adapts to the user’s system theme preferences, but they can change this option themselves in the new settings page which is the new home for font options as well. The company has also redesigned the find and replace experience on the app. Apart from this, the Notepad now comes with support for multi-level undo.
Apart from this, Microsoft also redesigned the Photos app on Windows 11. The app now comes with new features in the edit option such as cropping tool, aspect ratio and others. The app also allows users to adjust the brightness of an image along with new mark-up options. Users can also rotate the image vertically using the app, previously the rotate tool only worked horizontally.

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