Microsoft starts to roll out over 1,800 3D ‘Fluent’ emojis for Teams


Microsoft has started to roll out new 3D emojis for the Teams app. The tech giant has begun to refresh over 1,800 emojis that are currently available on Teams with the latest Fluent design emoji. The 3D emojis are available as a part of Public Preview. When the Windows 11 operating system was first unveiled, the design team showed 3D emojis that looked similar to the ones in Apple devices. But when the preview builds of the OS started to roll out, users reported the emojis to be flat and less visually appealing than the ones shown during the presentation. It was later revealed that the 3D emojis are limited to apps such as Teams and Flipgrid.
Microsoft has clarified that all skin tone-enabled emojis will continue to have 6 skin tone options. Apart from this, the company has also revealed that the emojis in chat and channels messaging will update to the new Fluent style, along with animations for applicable emojis. Reactions in chat, channels and live meeting reactions will also update to the new Fluent style.
The emojis are available for Teams on desktop, web, and smartphones. The company has revealed that some emojis may blend in with certain backgrounds or Teams theming. As the feature is available as Public Preview, the Verge suggests you may not be able to use the new emojis if your IT admin has disabled the ability to preview new features.
Microsoft has now also optimised Teams to reduce the power consumption by up to 50% for energy-intensive scenarios such as having over 10 users in a meeting when everyone has their video turned on.