Mike Brown reveals the real reason for leaving Dubs for Kings

Mike Brown has officially taken over as the head coach of the Sacramento Kings after spending the past six seasons as assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors. Naturally, one of the biggest questions about his decision is: WHY?

While the position is a promotion, it is definitely worth wondering why Brown would leave a good organization and a better situation for a challenging job like the Kings’ HC post. Perhaps that has become an even bigger question after Kenny Atkinson decided to back out from the Charlotte Hornets’ head coaching offer, noting that he is in a great place with the Warriors.

For Brown, however, the reason is simple: he sees the Kings’ immense potential and what they can do with the right coaching and culture.

“The potential is off the charts. It gets me excited thinking about it. Trying to maintain my composure and excitement while going through what we went through and experienced the last couple of months was tough for me. Being around 30 years, you can feel like you can find a great balance to do different things at different times. The players here, I’m excited about,” Brown said while explaining why he left the Warriors for the Kings, per Cameron Salerno of The Sacramento Bee,

The Kings haven’t made the postseason in 16 years, while the Warriors have won the championship four times in the last eight years. Clearly, the situations between the two teams couldn’t be more different.

As Mike Brown suggested, though, the Kings have all the talent and tools they need to succeed. Hopefully, a change in coaching and a new culture similar to the Warriors will help them climb up and return to postseason contention once again.

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It will definitely take a lot of work. Fortunately, Brown does seem ready to embrace the challenge.

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