Mike Trout, LA’s freefall continues after record-breaking lowlight vs. Astros

Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout is stuck in a slump. And he was unable to break out of said slump in Friday’s matchup against the Houston Astros.

The Angels struck out 20 times as a team, tying an MLB record, as they lost 4-2. The Astros completed a three-game sweep of their AL West rivals.

Trout went 0 for 11 in this series. Even more alarming, the former AL MVP was set down on strikes nine of those 11 times.

It’s a slump we rarely see from a player of his caliber. This run of form even stumps those who have played with the Angels star before.

“I played with Trout for a year and a half. I’ve never seen him strike out that many times… I was shocked,” Astros catcher Martin Maldonado said.

“It’s Mike Trout. You feel like every time he swings, he’s going to hit the ball out. We’re lucky that we probably found him in this series in a bad spot”

This isn’t Trout’s worst slump of the season. However, that slump only recently ended. He went an abysmal 0 for 26 before recording a hit on June 26. With this poor showing against Houston, the Angels star is hitless in his last 14 at-bats overall.

“Mike Trout is an he is a future Hall of Famer. He’s going to come around,” Angels acting interim manager Bill Haselman said, via the LA Times,

“It’s too long of a season never to have struggles. And everybody goes through it, even the best in the game. And he’s going through it right now and we’re confident he’ll get out of it.“

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