Minecraft tips and tricks: Check out the best food items to help you heal FAST

Whether you’re in a battle or exploring the depths of a cave, you need food to restore health. But with limited slots, what are the best food items to carry that will heal you fast and give benefits. Find out in our Minecraft tips and tricks.

If you’ve been exploring the caves or roaming around at night time, you know how dangerous the Minecraft landscape can truly be. From hostile mobs to falling from a cliff, drowning and lava damage, there are a ton of ways in which the game can inflict damage on you. And that’s why it is always important to carry food with you while on a long exploration mission. It not only helps with hunger (which can also kill you) but also gives you additional benefits like healing and saturation. But not all food items are created the same. So, read on to find out the best food items to carry to get a faster healing effect. Check out these Minecraft tips and tricks.

Cooked Pork Chops

To get pork chops you need to kill pigs and then cook the raw pork chops. However, if you want a shortcut, you can simply set the pigs on fire to directly get cooked pork chops. It is one of the highly nutritious food items available in the game. One cooked pork chop can restore 8 points of hunger and give 12.5 saturation points to help you heal quickly.

Cooked mutton

Just like pork chops, mutton can be obtained by killing sheep or setting them ablaze to directly get cooked mutton. While it is not as effective as golden food, it is effective in restoring hunger points. Cooked mutton restores 6 points of hunger and 9.6 saturation points to help you explore for long. Plus, as sheep are very commonly found, it is very easy for even the beginners to hoard on this food item.

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Golden carrot

They are placed lower among the golden food items, but still rank much higher than any other non-golden food. Golden carrots can be obtained from a master-level farmer by trading 3 emeralds. It restores 6 hunger points and gives you an additional 14.4 saturation points which is perfect to kickstart the healing process. So, if you eat enough golden carrots to fill your health bar, then you will naturally keep healing for a while even if a mob attacks you.

Golden apples

Golden apples may not be the best for hunger restoration as it only gives 4 points along with 9.6 saturation points, it offers additional benefits that other food items simply do not. After eating a golden apple, the player will get the ability of absorption for the next two minutes. This increases the maximum hearts of the player by two hearts and triggers Regeneration II for five seconds during which it recovers the player’s health.

Enchanted golden apples

From a benefits perspective, this is the best food item you can carry. Enchanted golden apples give a mediocre 4 hunger restoration and 9.6 saturation points. But when eaten, it bestows players with Absorption IV and Regeneration II. Alongside it also gives Resistance and Fire Resistance status to players for five minutes reducing any damage they can take in this time.