Minecraft tips and tricks: Fighting hostile mobs? Know how to make netherite sword and armor

Minecraft tips and tricks: If you’re fighting hostile mobs in the game, you need better protection and weapons. Find out how to make the netherite sword and armor with ease.

Minecraft tips and tricks: Minecraft players know that when exploring the terrain or looking for better resources, one of the most annoying and dangerous things that can happen is being attacked by a hostile mob. While at lower levels, iron, gold or diamond weapons and armors can take care of mobs trying to kill you, but the higher you go, the more dangerous mobs become. And if you are planning to go on a risky mission such as the Ancient City in the Deep Dark, then you need the best protection possible in the game. And that is netherite sword and armor. So, read on to find out how to make netherite swords and armor in the new The Wild 1.19 update.

Preparing for Netherite sword and armor in Minecraft

Netherite swords and armor are valued in the game as they deal the highest damage and have the highest durability compared to all other natural resources. Additionally, they are immune to fire and lava damage, making them a good choice against Blaze. But making them is very complex and time consuming. Here, we will explain the entire process of how you can make them and take on even more dangerous challenges without worry. Let us first take a look at how to get netherite.

Netherite in nature are found in its ore form called ancient debris and can only be mined from the nether dimension. To go inside a nether dimension, you will need a nether portal using an obsidian frame.

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Once made, you can enter the nether world and begin mining ancient debris. Do note that it is one of the rarest resources in the game with a spawn rate of 0.004% per chunk. So, you might have to mine for a while before you come across it. To make a sword and a full set of armor (with four pieces), you will need 20 pieces of ancient debris.

After collecting them, you need to smelt it using a blast furnace to get 20 netherite scraps. Now comes the tricky part. You need to find gold and convert it into gold ingots to mix with the netherite scraps and make your sword and armor. Make 20 gold ingots. Once all of that is done, you are ready to make netherite swords and armor.

How to make netherite sword and armor in Minecraft

Step 1:

Add four pieces of netherite scrap and four pieces of gold ingot on a crafting bench to make one netherite ingot. Do it till you have five of them.

Step 2:

Go to a smithing table as you cannot forge netherite swords and armor in the crafting table.

Step 3:

To make a netherite sword, you will need a diamond sword. Same with netherite armor.

Step 4:

Once you have the diamond sword, add it to the left most block and place netherite in the center. Smelt and you have your netherite sword ready to fight.

Step 5:

Repeat the same process with all the four pieces of armor and you have the entire netherite set ready. Enjoy!

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