More than one secret is hidden in the phone’s battery, you will also be surprised to know them


What is Inside Mobile Battery: Nowadays every person is using the phone. He is also aware of most parts of the phone, but most people remain unaware of the most important components of the phone. Yes, we are talking about the battery of the phone. Everyone knows about this. In a way, the battery is the oxygen for the phone. If the battery runs out then the phone also ends, but have you ever tried to know what happens inside this battery. Actually, a video about this is going viral on social media, in which it is explained in detail what happens inside the battery.

Opening the battery is dangerous

This video going viral has been made by a famous YouTuber. In this you will see that he takes a battery of the phone and opens it. Smoke starts coming out from inside the battery only after opening it a bit. He puts that battery in the water. After sometime he takes another battery and starts opening it. First removes the plastic sheet over the battery. Now he removes the aluminum sheet on top of the battery. Slowly he unloads the whole battery.

thing inside that will surprise you

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