My Computer is Slow How to Speed ​​Up?


HOW TO FIX MY COMPUTER IS SLOW: My computer is slow how to speed up it If you are troubled by the slow speed happening in your computer, then in this post we are giving you information about easy ways to fix this problem. It is very important to have our computer system fast, especially when you use your system for some important tasks. You must have faced the problem of computer being PC slow, whose solution is not only formatting. We can also speed up our computer system in some other ways. My computer is slow how to fix this problem.

My computer is slow how to solve it You must have noticed that when you start your computer, it starts very late. Apart from this, whenever you work in your computer system, the files open very slowly in it and the system works very slowly even during internet surfing. If such problems are happening in your laptop / computer, then it means that your computer system is working slow. To make it fast, follow the methods mentioned below. My computer is slow easy solution.

Uninstall unwanted app

If you have installed unwanted apps in your system, first of all uninstall them. When too many apps are installed in your system, it affects the system’s storage and RAM, which makes your computer slow. To uninstall this type of application, go to Start> Control Panel> Program and Features.

Empty Recycle Bin and other places

My computer is slow how to fast When we delete anything on the computer, then all these files go into the Recycle Bin i.e. it is not completely deleted from our system. So always keep the Recycle Bin clear. If you want that the file to be deleted is not stored in the Recycle Bin but gets deleted completely, then for this you delete the file folder to be deleted with Shift + Delete Button.

Disable unwanted startup programs

My computer is slow how to increase speed When you open your system, it takes time for your operating system to load, which is because the programs that start with the Windows operating system are called startup programs. (Startup program), we have to disable the programs which are not useful to increase the speed. To disable it go to Windows + R > Type “msconfig” > System Configuration > Start up. After going to startup, now unmark the program you want to disable and click OK.

Disk Cleanup

There are many such files on our computer which do not work which are not used in any way. There are many installation files in the system that remain in the system even after uninstalling the software. This type of Unnecessary Files occupy your hard disk space and also slow down the PC laptop. That’s why it is important to clean these types of files. You can easily clean these files with the help of Disk Cleanup.

Delete Temporary files

Temporary Dump Files are stored in your system by using computer files, internet etc., which slow down your system. To delete temporary files from the computer , type Windows + R > %temp% in the Run bar, now all the temporary, dump files will open in front of you, select them and delete them with Shift + Delete.

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