Naadi Dosh Movie Hit Or Flop! The Movie Is Likely To Be A Flop As Per The Opening Day Collections

naadi dosh movie hit or flop! The movie is likely to be a flop as per the opening day collections

Hello friends, you are very much welcome on our website, in this post we are going to provide you complete information about the hit and flop of naadi dosh movie as you guys would know that naadi dosh movie 17 June It has been released in the box office and theaters on 2022, after which the film made in Gujarati language is seen earning a lot in theatres, so many people want to know whether naadi dosh movie has become superhit or flopped. So in this post you will get complete information about the hits and flops of this movie, the director of naadi dosh movie is Krishna Dev Yagnik,

who has directed this film and has given a new direction while showcasing his intelligence and artistry. But in this film, Yash Soni and Janki Bodiwala are seen playing the lead roles, in this way this movie has become very good with the cooperation of all the people, so today we will have a complete discussion about the hits and flops of this film as you will see. People would know that whenever a film is made, it has a lot of expectations. It is made with that she will be able to earn money of almost double of her budget, which can make a lot of business,

naadi dosh

thus making a film is a business and its main purpose is that or how much money the movie will be able to earn in this way. If it is able to earn less than the budget, then that movie is considered a flop, while if the money above the budget is less, then that movie is considered a superhit, in this way in this post we will help you to clear the budget and box office collection. While doing naadi dosh will provide complete information about the hit and flop of the movie

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naadi dosh movie hit or flop

Movie Hit or Flop
Movie Name naadi dosh
Release Date 17th June 2022
country India
Language Gujarati
Budget 6 cr aprox
box office collection 4 cr in 5 days
hits And flop Superhit
Director Krishnadev Yagnik
Cast Yash Soni, Janki Bodiwala

Talking about the interest and benefits of naadi dosh movie, the report of this movie as you can see that this movie has been prepared in a budget of about 6 crores, which is a film made in Gujarati language. And so far, in just 5 days, this movie has been able to earn Rs 40000000, so the movie is seen earning about Rs 8 crore in the coming time,

so if it is considered in this way, then this movie would have been a super hit. Although the full information about the hit and flop of naadi dosh movie is not yet received, but it is being speculated that in the coming time, if this movie will earn Rs 8 crores, if the movie is streamed in theaters. And according to the huge number of viewers watching this movie, it is known that it will prove to be tremendous in the coming time and will be able to earn a lot of money.