Neena Gupta Triggers Our Taste Buds With “Ghar Ki Bani Khandvi”

Each state has its own lip-smacking delicious cuisine. And, it seems Neena Gupta agrees with us on this. She simply can’t escape the allure of Gujarati snacks. Proof? Her latest Instagram upload is your stop. She has triggered our taste buds to relish a widely popular Gujarati snack, Khandvi. She has shared a picture of home-cooked khandvi with a generous tempering of curry leaves, and mustard seeds, along with a heavy coriander garnish. It is for sure a mouthwatering sight. Posting the snap, the veteran actress wrote, “Ghar ki bani khandvi.”

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Take a look:


An intriguing thing common in all Gujarati snacks is that even though they are low on spices, they manage to leave a strong impression on our palate. Just like us, if Neena Gupta’s home-cooked Khandvi has fueled your cravings, we have it covered. Here are the recipes of not one but five Gujarati snacks which you can try:

1. Dhokla

Dhokla has a humongous fan base. An ideal dhokla is soft, spongy and melts in your mouth in a fraction of seconds. Check out the recipe to make some steamed dhoklas.


2. Khandvi

One bite into khandvi leaves you wanting for more. This delicious snack is not just tasty but extremely healthy. The tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves adds umami to the dish.


3. Thepla

These super thin parathas, when served with a dip of your choice, are just the perfect solution to the evening hunger pangs. Thepla is one way of putting methi or fenugreek leaves to good use. Get the recipe here.  


4. Fafda

Besan fafdas are a light and crunchy papad-like snack best served with chutney or green chilli pickle. Don’t forget to serve it with a hot cup of tea.

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5. Muthia

Here is a healthy substitute for your momos. Muthia is a Gujarati dumpling, made out of flour dough, seasoned with fenugreek and spices. Just like the momos, they are served steamed as well as fried.

Enjoy these Gujarati snacks with a hot cup of tea.