Nick Kyrgios’ snarky remark to reporter over Jordans dispute

Nick Kyrgios is no stranger to controversy. From spitting in the direction of the crowd to yelling at the umpire to punish his opponent, to chastising a line judge for “snitching” on him, the Australian tennis star hasn’t been far from the headlines during the 2022 installment of Wimbledon. Guess what?

Kyrgios was in the spotlight again on Monday after his 5-set win over Brandon Nakashima. The brazen tennis star wore red and white Air Jordans during his post-match interview on Center Court.

The All-England Club has strict rules that all players must wear white while on the court at Wimbledon. Kyrgios was questioned about his choice of attire by a reporter, who received a snarky response, via BBC Sport.

The reporter started off by reading Kyrgios the rules of attire for players at Wimbledon, which are in effect the moment players enter the court and its surroundings.

He then wondered why Kyrgios would wear his red and white Air Jordans on the court if he understands the rules of Wimbledon, to which Kyrgios replied “because I do what I want.”

Things got testy from there, as the reporter insinuated that Kyrgios believes he’s “above the rules” or that they “don’t apply to him.” The Aussie tennis star went on to say that he’d wear “triple white shoes” the next day.

The real gold of the exchange occurred at the end. Kyrgios said that “any publicity is good publicity, right?” To which the reporter replied, “if you say so.”

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Without missing a beat, Kyrgios replied, “keep doing you then, champion” while winking at him. It’s safe to say that Kyrgios and this reporter won’t be sharing a drink anytime soon.

It’s also clear that Kyrgios could care less what people think of him.

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