Nicolas Batum’s hilarious response to savage Twitter troll

On Monday, Los Angeles Clippers veteran Nicolas Batum was just trying to create some engagement with his fans on Twitter. Little did he know that his innocent tweet would lead to a hilariously savage burn from a troll.

Batum started off by asking his followers for a simple update on the goings-on in the world:

The Clippers forward probably forgot that he was on the mean streets of Twitter here and that there are more than a few trolls out there waiting for an opportunity to strike. This was exactly the case for Tiffany:

Ouch. That hurt. Tiffany just had to remind Batum of how the Clippers missed out on the postseason this year — just the second time in the past decade.

Batum caught wind of the tweet and he could not help but respond:

To be fair, Tiffany did apologize to the Clippers vet. For his part, Batum acknowledged the apology as well as the epic burn:

All is well that ends well, I guess.

In case you missed it, Batum recently declined his $3.3 million player option with the Clippers for next season. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s leaving LA, though. This actually paves the way for the 33-year-old to sign a bigger deal with the Clippers. That is of course, under the presumption that LA wants him back.

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