Off Page SEO Kaise Kare? Know In Hindi

So today’s article is going to be very helpful for our blogger brothers because in this article I will tell you that Off Page SEO Kaise Kare?

So if you keep visiting our blog, then you would know that recently we had made a post in which we told how to do On Page SEO, so if you want to know this then definitely read the previous article.

So having detailed knowledge of SEO is very important for article ranking and becoming a successful blogger. If you do not know about SEO, then you can hardly get your articles ranked.

So there are two types of SEO, On Page which we have talked about in the previous article and Off Page which we will talk about in today’s article.

So let’s start with the article and first of all let’s know what is off page seo, after that we will talk about how to do off page seo.

What is Off-Page SEO?

So the meaning of SEO Search Engine Optimization That is, optimizing your blog or content in such a way that it becomes search engine friendly.

So now Off Page SEO means doing SEO of the website or particular domain like we talked about on page seo in which we had learned to seo the article.

But off page SEO is completely opposite, in this you have to do SEO of website or domain, not of article. And the main focus that is done in this is the authority of your site. Now what are the things in it and how to do SEO, let us also know this.

Off Page SEO Kaise Kare? Hindi

So there is a lot of techniques to do Off-Page SEO, there are many points which come under Off-Page SEO, but I will tell you some important points that will increase the DA PA of your website.

DA means Domain Authority and PA mean Page Authority If the DA PA of your site is very good, then there is a lot of benefit in ranking. And at the same time, the value of your site also increases, that is, if you take a guest post on your site from someone, then you can also charge money from him. So let’s now talk about how to do Off Page SEO.

What is Domain Authority? – Complete information in Hindi

1. Backlinks

By creating backlinks, the website gets a lot of benefit. Backlinks means when you give a link to your website on any other site, whether by any method like by commenting or guest posting.

So by creating backlinks, your site’s DA PA increases. Now backlink is also of two types but you have to make only one type of backlink out of them.

And keep in mind that you only have to make a backlink from the high authority website, only then your site will get the benefit, if you make a backlink from a low authority site, then more authority will not increase your site.

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a) Do-Follow Backlink

Do-Follow Backlink Means the link that follows on your site. Meaning, suppose you have given the link of your website on some other site and it is Do-Follow, then when google crawls that page, your link will also come to your site due to being on that site.

With this, if that site is also good, that means its DA PA is high, then the DA PA of your website will also increase.

b) No-Follow Backlink

No-Follow Backlink is exactly the opposite of do follow. No-Follow backlinks do not go to your site by google or crawlers of any search engine.

And neither does your site’s DA PA increase. Because when the crawlers from that site will not be able to come to your site, although the visitors can come to your site but if the crawler is not there, then the question does not arise that the authority of the site will increase.

So friends, you only have to make Do-Follow Backlink, that will be beneficial for your site. And you have to make the backlink only on the high authority site only then you will benefit.

2. Search Engine Submission

This point is very important for your website. In this point you simply have to submit your website and its article to all the search engines.

Now in Google and Bing, you have to manually submit the website, but if there are many other search engines, then you have to submit the website in that too.

There is a website for that called FreeWebSubmission Through this website you can submit your website in many search engines in single click.

And in whichever site you have to submit a sitemap, an email will come to you, you have to go to those webmaster tools and submit the sitemap, so that the links of all the articles in your website will be crawled and submitted to that search engine.

By doing this, your website and website articles will appear and rank in the search engine, from there the traffic will also come. And you have to keep checking in Google’s webmaster from time to time, you have to keep checking the performance and there is no error.

3. Web Directory Submission

So this point is also very important, if you perform this point, then your site will get two benefits, so that the DA PA of your site will also increase and traffic will also be available. So you don’t have to miss it.

So online you will find many directories where you can submit your website. Basically, these directories collect the website’s links and information according to their niche and then if anyone wants or wants to visit the website of any niche, then he can go from there.

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Some websites or directories take money from you to submit the website, but there are many free directories where you can submit your website without paying anything.

Now from here you not only get traffic as well as Do-Follow Backlink. So there are two benefits from this, the website was also submitted and the backlink was also received.

So by submitting your website to web directories for free, you can increase the authority of your website, due to which the ranking of your site will also increase and earning will also happen.

4. Social Sharing

A lot of bloggers miss this point, which is their biggest mistake. They think that this will not help anything, but sharing websites and articles on social media not only brings traffic but also increases authority.

If you share any of your articles on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest in, then traffic will come and from here the ranking in search engine will also increase.

That’s why because traffic comes and reach increases, then google or any search engine thinks that this article is being liked, so why not show it above.

So this is where you get a lot of benefit of social sharing. But pay attention if you post more links on Facebook or other social media platforms.

Like if you are doing 4, 5 times in a single day, then social media site will block your account or that link, then you will not be able to share any link of your website.

So keeping these things in mind, you have to share the link of your article on social media. And try that people re-share it, then you will get more benefit in ranking and also in traffic.

5. QnA Website Quora

Quora is a very famous question and answer website from where bloggers are earning a lot of traffic by taking more traffic to their blog and through this their articles are also ranked. It is very amazing platform and it is absolutely free.

Here people answer the questions asked by others and can also ask the questions themselves, here you will get questions related to every niche or topic that you can answer.

Now you have to go here with complete strategy, only then you can earn by taking thousands of lakhs of traffic from here to your website.

First of all, you have to create an account here for free, in which you submit all the details of yourself and your blog along with the link.

After that you have to search related questions from the niche on which you write the article. Suppose I wrote the article Off Page SEO Kaise Kare, then I will go to Quora and search the people who have asked the questions related to it.

Then after writing a good answer to him, I will give a link to my article in the last, in which it will be written read more, so if any person needs complete information, then he will definitely click on the link.

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By using this method, a lot of people are taking a lot of traffic on their site to their website. And not only with this trick.

You have to increase followers on your Quora account and then you can generate traffic from there by sharing the link of your article in the account.

And if the question on which you have written the answer ranks on google, then you cannot imagine how much traffic will come to your site.

So you must apply this trick by creating an account on Quora. With this, along with traffic, the authority of your site will also increase a lot and people will know about your website.

And not only Quora, there are many other question and answer websites, but most people use Quora only because the questions in this are quickly ranked on google and most people use it, so from here you will get a lot of traffic. Can get it.

6. Forum Submission

Forum Submission sites are also just like web directories, in this too you just have to submit the details and link of your website. And then traffic comes to your site from there.

And along with the traffic, you will also get a Do-Follow backlink from that forum submission, which will increase the authority of your site and the ranking of the article.

So you will get a lot of free forum submission sites online, you can go to them and submit your website. And from there you can enjoy do-follow backlinks and traffic.

But one thing that you have to keep in mind that some forum sites have a high spam score, you do not have to give your website link on those whose spam score is 1%, you can submit your site on them.


So friends, I hope that you must have liked this article and understood that whatever I explained to you through this article and told what is Off Page SEO and Off Page SEO Kaise karte Hai.

So friends, you have to wait even after doing Off Page SEO because backlink is not indexed on its own in google, so you have to wait after creating backlink and doing SEO. After a few days, when the backlink will be indexed, then the authority of your site will also increase and articles will also start being ranked.

So friends, that’s all in this article for today, if you want to ask some questions about blogging or technology, then definitely comment by commenting in the comment box. And we will meet again in the next article till then keep exploring and keep knowing about new things.