Ohio State’ Ryan Day’s whopping 7-figure donation for mental health cause

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day is donating $1 million dollars to Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine, per Ohio State football beat writer Joey Kaufman, Some college sports coaches have a reputation for not caring about their players’ education. But it is apparent that Day is all about the education based on this move. His passion to help fund mental health causes is displayed by this move as well.

This isn’t the first instance of the Day family making charitable donations towards a mental health cause. They already have the Christian and Ryan Day Fund for Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Wellness at National Children’s Hospital. For Day, the issue is extremely personal.

His father committed suicide in 1988. The incident inspired Day in the sports world and in the battle for mental health causes. An ESPN feature from 2021 covered Ryan Day and his story. Day said the following in the feature,

“Trying to find different outlets can make you a better coach, a better communicator, clears your head a little bit, gives you a better perspective. And being aware of your thoughts, being aware of your mental health is important.”

Ohio State president Kristina Johnson shared one of Ryan Day’s motivational phrases that inspires athletes and those dealing with mental health issues.

“One of those is ‘Win the moment.’ This moment right now is a major win.”

Day is well-respected without question. His $1 million dollar gesture is an incredible donation. He will continue doing what he can to help the cause.

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Meanwhile, Ohio State football will aim for a successful season on the field in 2022-2023.

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