On Battlegrounds Mobile India, get exclusive characters, items and more now!

Battlegrounds Mobile India has partnered with the Great British Teddy Company, bringing special in-game items, characters and more. Here’s more about it.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has launched a new partnership with the Great British Teddy Company. BGMI has announced special in-game events, prizes, freebies and more with the launch of this partnership.

The Great British Company is a British teddy bear company established in 2002 which produces teddy bears. It is even endorsed by the British Prime Minister as well as the Royal family. According to the Great British Teddy Company, their teddy bears represent “British quality, history and culture.”

This latest collaboration is part of the strategy of companies to keep the players of their free-to-play games engaged and excited. To keep the games equal for all, the companies do not offer any power ups that boost the player’s strength but regularly offer cosmetic items which players can use to customize their characters.

This partnership will bring special in-game items, characters, cosmetic items which players can use to fully customize their avatars. Players will have in-game buddies in the form of teddy bears. Some of them will be iconic personalities such as Robin Hood Teddy Bear and Sherlock Holmes Teddy Bear.

Players will also be entitled to exclusive in-game GB content such as GB Teddy Bear Set, GB Teddy Bear Cover, GB Teddy Bear Parachute and more.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, in the past has collaborated with various companies and franchises to produce special in-game content for its players. Collaborations such as with Marvel’s Spider-Man, Baby Shark, Japanese manga Jujutsu Kaisen and Lamborghini have attracted players and strengthened the company’s position as one of the most-played multiplayer games in India.

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This latest collaboration with the Great British Teddy Company is already live with players receiving special in-game items. So go ahead and check out the new BGMI – Great British Teddy Company collaboration yourself!