oneplus: OnePlus Y1S, Y1S Edge smart TVs launching on February 17, here are the features TVs offer


OnePlus is gearing up to expand its TV portfolio in India. The company has announced that it will launch OnePlus Y1S and Y1S Edge smart TVs in the country on February 17 along with the OnePlus Nord 2 CE 5G smartphone. The TVs will join other smart TVs in the OnePlus Y series. For those who don’t know, OnePlus Y series is the most affordable TV range in the company’s portfolio. The most affordable TV in the OnePlus Y series is the 32-inch model that is priced at Rs 16,499. OnePlus claims that the new TVs will bring more “accessible connected ecosystem experience” across different screen sizes at an affordable price point. The company has shared insights on the IoT connectivity that the upcoming OnePlus TV Y1S and OnePlus TV Y1S Edge are set to offer. The brand has shared the details in a community forum post.
OnePlus smart TVs can be paired with up to five devices at the same time. In addition to this, the OnePlus Connect app also includes other features. The Smart Volume Control automatically reduces the volume of the smart TV during incoming calls and returns to the previous volume after the call ends. The TypeSync feature transforms the users’ smartphone into a smart remote by letting the users type into their phones without having to use the remote. Trackpad Control allows the users to track and scroll through their TV content using their smartphone directly.
Offers complete sync with these OnePlus devices
As per the post, any OnePlus Buds device can be connected with the OnePlus TV Y1S and Y1S Edge. When the charging case of the earbuds is opened, the OnePlus TV will prompt a connection request. The OnePlus earbuds will automatically pause the TV when you remove an earphone from your ear, and resume watching once the earphones are put back on.
The OnePlus Watch can also be connected with the upcoming OnePlus smart TVs. Once connected, the OnePlus Watch can be used to turn on and off the OnePlus TV. The Smart Sleep Control feature will enable the TV to turn off automatically when the OnePlus Watch detects that one has fallen asleep. Even with a click upon the wrist, one can scroll through content, control the TV volume and other settings.