Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Is A Scam?

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd

Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a private company that provides information technology services. This company has its headquarters in Pune, India. The company was founded on 24 December 2019 and has received mixed reviews. It has been shut down, but not by the censors yet. Despite its name, the company is actually a scam. Many people who joined have not seen any results, and most of the reviews are negative.

The company has not yet made an appearance on Wikipedia, but its website has no contact information either. Although there is a telephone number on the website, there is no email address. The company is located behind Samyak Architects, and it doesn’t have a website. Unlike other online stores, Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. doesn’t have an official social media presence. However, the Osmose website does have a contact phone number, which is a plus.

Osmose technology business plan fake

The company is a scam, with no real owners and no contact information. Its directors are Prashant Ramchandra Roundel and Shubhangi Vaibhav Patskar. The company’s website is completely missing all contact information, including the name of the owner and the CIN number. The company was founded on 24 December, 2019, and its registered address is Fl No. A, Atulnagar Warje Highway S 79/B, Nr. Runwal Panorama Pune Maharashtra – 411052 India.

Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a new online company that has only been in existence for nine months. This company is a multi-level marketing company that sells various health and wellness products and offers a profit sharing program. It offers free shipping and has an unlisted private website. It has not had any public meetings yet, but it’s still an interesting concept.

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Despite its claims, Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. is an MCA-registered ecommerce company that claims to give its sellers Mercedes cars. In addition to generating traffic for Osmose Shopping, this company also generates traffic for its Osmose Applications. Hence, Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd. is a scam.

Osmose technology pvt ltd pune

Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a company in Pune, Maharashtra that provides different services. This organization focuses on e-commerce, mobile applications, and database services. Osmose Technology Pvt. LTD. has no active social media profiles and no website. The company’s Facebook page was last updated on December 18, 2020. Besides, there’s no contact info for this company on social media.

osmose technology pv ltd is a company that specializes in social media apps, such as Pickaflick and Flipkart. This company also specializes in games for the android platform. Its parent company, Mind Skill Gaming Solution, is one of the largest gaming companies in the world. The company has multiple social media accounts and offers a wide variety of products for sale.

Osmose technology customer care number

Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd is a scam because there are no customer reviews on the site. The company also lacks a safe navigation process to purchase items. In addition, there is no money-back guarantee, which makes it hard to be certain that this is a legit business. Its website is not user-friendly, and the text is not correct.

The Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company in India. It was incorporated on 24 December, 2019. It has two directors. It has an active social media presence. Its website is a reputable platform for purchasing technology. A profit sharing program is available for members of the company. The business is a scam. It charges an investment of 1180 rupees to become a member.

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The Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a popular e-commerce portal in India. It deals with various products, including health care products and gifts for men and women. In addition to these, Osmose Technology also offers social media accounts. This means that you can share profits with your friends and colleagues. Its mission statement is to improve life for people through research, innovation, and education.

The company was founded on 24 December 2019 and is based in Pune. Its registered office is in Mumbai. Its website has a few positive and negative reviews, but it is safe to do business with it. Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a non-govt., private, limited-by-shares, and is headquartered in Pune. It offers software solutions and services to businesses and individuals in the information technology industry.