Patriots QB Mac Jones reveals Nick Saban advice to shut out noise

Mac Jones spent three years in Alabama under head coach Nick Saban. Naturally, the now New England Patriots QB learned a lot of things during his time with the Crimson Tide.

By the looks of it, the advice and lessons Saban gave him are coming in handy as he navigates his professional football career and all the pressure that comes with it. However, perhaps the most important thing he got from his collegiate years is not how to play football better. Instead, it’s about how to best shut out the noise and keep his focus on his goals.

“I’ll reference coach [Nick] Saban here,” Jones said, via Pro Football Talk, “But if I ever listened to the internet, I would’ve stopped playing a long time ago. You’re always gonna get people who say that you’re not good enough to do something.

“I still have so much to prove. I’m always trying to be better than I was yesterday and be better than myself, really. I just try to compete against myself. I know when it’s a good day. I know when it’s a bad day. It’s more about the routine. What did I do before practice to put myself in position? Can I keep it consistent? Can I do it every day? [I] persevere and work each day. That’s all you can do.”

It is definitely great to see Mac Jones having the right mindset, and it’s exactly what Patriots fans would want to see from their QB who could very well lead them in the next decade or so.

Jones is coming off his first year in the NFL, and it’s quite clear he has a lot more to learn. The good thing is he understands his position and is not letting the noise and the pressure get him. Head coach Bill Belichick has already seen significant improvements on his signal-caller this offseason, and hopes are high he can keep it going.

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