PlayStation Veterans Announce AAA Web3 Game Ashfall

PlayStation veterans came together to work on a new Triple-A Web3 game based on the Hedera Network called Ashfall. Liithos, the company behind the game, promises a Triple-A level of production value for the upcoming Web3 game, which rides on the reputation of PlayStation veterans who worked on titles such as The Last of Us and Days Gone, among other games.

Former The Last of Us, Days Gone PlayStation Veterans Announce Triple-A Web3 game Ashfall

Liithos is a newly formed AAA gaming and entertainment studio led by PlayStation veterans including former Founder & CEO of That’s No Moon and Head of PlayStation’s Visual Arts Michael Mumbauer and former Bend Studio Creative Director of Days Gone and Syphon Filter John Garvin. Liithos announced today it is working on its debut title Ashfall, the first true Web 3.0 AAA title for PC, Console, and the Hedera network,

Liithos wants to create a connected entertainment world, revolutionizing the way players experience AAA gaming. The team’s vision is led by industry veteran Michael Mumbauer, who pioneered development techniques at PlayStation Visual Arts for 13 years, where he was integral to driving innovation for three generations of gaming platforms from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 5. Mumbauer helped bring gaming beloved characters such as Nathan Drake of Uncharted and Joel and Ellie of The Last of Us and Deacon St. John of Days Gone to life, and as a critical development partner for Naughty Dog, closed his chapter for Sony by helping to deliver the Last of Us Part II, the most awarded title in gaming history.

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The world of Ashfall is the brainchild of John Garvin, a prolific PlayStation creative veteran who has written and directed some of the most popular and successful gaming franchises for Sony for over 25 years. Garvin created the phenomenon that was the massively successful open-world game, Days Gone. He was also responsible for the most successful title in PlayStation Vita history; Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Over the course of his career, Garvin has shipped over a dozen AAA titles. Liithos brings these two powerhouses back together with the goal of revolutionizing gaming for the next generation of players.

Ashfall will have players fighting to survive a world scarred by global warming, the ignited volcanic Ring-of-Fire, mysterious and disruptive energy fields, and warring enclaves, beginning as a connected Single Player adventure that will evolve into a Multiplayer PVP & PVE cinematic transmedia world.

Gamers can choose to play the game leveraging the Hedera network where scavenging, discovery and exclusivity are the focus for a build, sell and trade experience. Ashfall currently has partnerships in place with legendary comic book creators, artists and influencers as the story will begin with a digital comic written by John Garvin, featuring cover art by Worldstorm and DC Comics’ Brett Booth.

“At Liithos, we want to deliver the next evolution of AAA gaming to the masses in connected ways that have never been experienced before,” says Liithos Founder and CEO Michael Mumbauer. “The gaming industry is amazing in that it has evolved through a series of innovations, never going backwards. We look forward to continuing that trend, working with partners like the HBAR Foundation in support of the Hedera network, who understand the potential and need for innovation without any harmful impact to the environment.”

“Michael and I have worked together creatively for almost two decades and this is our chance to create something really new and exciting. It’s like getting the band back together,” says Liithos Creatives Vice President John Garvin. “Our goal is to create a truly next-gen, open world experience that engages with new technologies to allow user-generated content. As always, our focus is on creating beloved characters, captivating stories and evolutionary gameplay and a world worth exploring, not just in games, but other media as well.”

Web3 and NFT games continue to proliferate in spite of the growing concern and distrust of gamers towards both concepts. Between cryptocurrencies quickly depleting in value in the current bear market and NFT companies repeatedly rugpulling or even scamming their users shamelessly, a lot of people have had a negative outlook on these movements. In spite of this, there is still a very strong, almost cult-like community of gamers and enthusiasts who still stand by Web3 and NFT. While the technology could undoubtedly be amazing, its applications in gaming have so far been frustrating for gamers in general. We’ll see how Ashfall will perform once it gets released, and we’re hoping that it could be the game that can prove the doubters wrong.

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