premium: iPhone users may have to wait to use this YouTube feature


YouTube has extended the testing period of Picture-in-Picture (PiP) to the iOS app for Premium subscribers. The platform, in June 2021, began rolling out the mode for testing for premium users.
What is the Picture-in-Picture mode?
This mode allows users to watch YouTube while using iOS apps. This option, however, is presently available only to premium customers, who can enable this by visiting Once this trial period is over, and the feature goes live, it will be available for all paid users around the world.
How can you use this
While a user is watching a video, s/he will have to swipe up or press home to close the app. The video will then start playing in a mini player.
(There’s something you should know.)
* If a user locks the video while watching in PIP, the video will be paused. The video can be resumed using the media controls on the lock screen.
* When a user is trying the new feature, it may not work fine in the first hour. Later, if it doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube app.
When the testing started in August, YouTube had initially set the deadline to October 31 but kept extending. The last deadline has been pegged at March 14.
The extension of deadlines is an indicator that it might be heading for a paid worldwide launch. However, it also hints at the fact that iOS users in the US might be able to use picture-in-picture for free with ads.