Quordle 148 answer for June 21, 2022: Solve it with care! Check Quordle hints, clues, solutions

Quordle 148 answer for June 21, 2022: There is no reward for taking risks. Play it safe and check the Quordle hints, clues and solutions.

Quordle 148 answer for June 21, 2022: In just a couple of days, we will reach the puzzle number 150 on Quordle. That means 150 days since the game was first launched. It also means that more players are getting closer to the coveted 100 streak on the game. For the unversed, the 100-streak is an achievement in the game where a player has played the game for 100 days continuously without missing or failing a puzzle. It is a highly coveted achievement. And for those of you, who are close to completing your century cannot afford to lose it for a silly mistake. And that’s why you need to check today’s Quordle hints and clues. And in case you feel stuck, you can always scroll to the bottom for the solution too.

Quordle 148 hints for June 21

A brief analysis of today’s words reveals that the words are kept at the easier side of the spectrum. There are no rare words and the letter arrangement of the words is also simple enough to not cause much problem for players. Just be wary of one word in particular which uses an uncommon letter and an unusual letter arrangement. We would recommend using a vowel-heavy word as your starting word.

Quordle 148 clues for June 21

Step 1:

Today’s words begin with T, S, M and B.

Step 2:

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The words end with T, E, A and T.

Step 3:

Word 1 clue – behave towards or deal with in a certain way

Step 4:

Word 2 clue – a series of marks at regular intervals in a line used in measuring something

Step 5:

Word 3 clue – hot fluid or semi-fluid material below or within the earth’s crust from which lava and other igneous rock is formed on cooling

Step 6:

Word 4 clue – say (something) suddenly and without careful consideration

These were your clues for the day. We believe they contain enough information to enable you in solving the puzzle easily. If you feel like you need more assistance, scroll to the bottom for the solution.

Quordle 148 answers for June 21

SPOILER ALERT. Do not read ahead if you do not want the answer to today’s Quordle. You have been warned.

The four words in today’s Quordle are:

  1. TREAT
  2. SCALE
  3. magma
  4. BLURT

We hope you were able to protect your streak and taking one step closer to the 100 day streak.