Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi (Color Marathi) TV Series Cast, Timings, Story, Actors Real Name

Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi is an Indian Marathi television series produced by Vinod Lavekar and Nikhil Sheth under the banner of Potadi Entertainment. The show aired on Colors Marathi channel on December 18, 2019. It stars Maniraj Pawar and Shivani Sonar in the lead roles. It is a regional marathi drama based on drama. The story of Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi revolves around Sanjivani and her family members.

Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi is the story of an honest and charming young girl Sanjivani Bandal. He lives with his parents and sisters. One is married but stays at home with her husband. His father has loads of debt hanging over his head. He is a stingy and intelligent man who tries to take money from people even from Sanjivani’s mother-in-law. Aabasaheb Dhale Patil is on loan from his elder daughter who is studying abroad. However, Aabasaheb makes a deal with Panjabrao that her daughter Swaragini should marry her younger son Ranjit Dhale Patil, who is an IPS officer, after she returns from abroad. At the same time, Sanjivani is running her own personal business with her friend Moni named ‘Kalyani Papad Udyog’ to help her family financially. Ranjit caught Sanjivani breaking traffic rules. He lies and says his brother is in the hospital. In fact, Ranjit is on his way to meet his older sister Swaragini for marriage discussion. Ranjit learns that Sanjivani and Swaragini are siblings and do not have a brother. A few days later, Sanjivani and Ranjit get married under conditions. Their marriage is shaken when it is learned that Sanjivani was underage when she married. The female lead of Sanjivani is played by Shivani Sonar.

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Name Raja Rani Chi Ga Jodi
Main Roster Maniraj Pawar and Shivani Sonar
Type Romance, Drama
manager Swapnil Shivaji Warke
Producer Nikhil Sheth
Vinod Lavekar
Story & Script Chinmay Mandlekar
concept Colors Marathi
dialogue Prasad Kumthekar
Editor Prathmesh Rajesh Patkar
Ashwini Ramesh Vineyard
DoP Sandeep Shinde
Music Rohan-Rohan
Background music Vijay Gawande
sound designer Shivaji Tripathi
art director Santosh Suresh Phutan
Costume designer Salmali Tolye
make-up artist Dashrath Manohar Khadpe
Head of Production Jyoti Rasam
Producer Vishal Anil Upasani
Anil Ashok Dharmadhikari
Prachini Chavan Kadam
Production House Potato Fun

Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi Production Desk

Producers Vinod Lavekar
Nikhil Sheth
operation time 22 Minutes
manufacturing company Potato Fun

Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi Cast / Actors Real Name

Listed below is the full cast of Colors Tv Show Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi.

As Maniraj Pawar: Ranjeet Dhale-Patil
As Shivani Sonar: Sanjeevani Dhale-Patil (née Bandal)
Şivani Sonar
As Kalyani Choudhari : Kalyani Bandal (Sanjeevani’s mother)
Kalyani Choudhari
As Shrikant Yadav: Panjabrao Bandal (Sanjeevani’s father)
Shrikant Yadav
As Shubhangi Gokhale: Kusumavati Dhale (Ranjeet’s mother)
Shubhangi Gokhale
As Shweta Kharat : Moni (Sanjeevani’s friend)
Shweta Kharat
Rashmi Joshi As : Swarangi Bandal (Sanjeevani’s sister)
Rashmi Joshi
Apurva Kadam As: Sanjeevani’s sister
apurva step
As Ajay Purkar: Dadasaheb (Ranjeet’s brother)
Ajay Purkar
As Shruti Atre: Rajshri Dhale-Patil
Shruti Atre
Gargi Phule-Thatte As Vibha
Gargi Phule Thatte
Sanjay Mohite
Sanjay Mohite

Raja Rani Chi Ga Jodi Clock

Raja Rani Chi Ga Jodi airs daily at 19:00 on Colors Marathi. The show first aired on December 18, 2019. It can also be streamed on the MX Player and Voot platform. Other details about the show are given below.

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channel name Colors Marathi
Show Timings Every day at 19.00
Operation time 22-25 Minutes
start date December 18, 2019
Slice Marathi
Country India
Release date
18 December 2019 – 21 March 2020
21 July 2020 – 16 April 2021
April 26, 2021 – available