Recapping New York’s bonkers 2022 NBA Draft trades

It’s been one hell of a night for New York Knicks fans, who had their head spinning as the draft went on. In particular, the team confused nearly everyone by making a series of trades revolving their picks and one Kemba Walker. Here’s how that all went down.

First, the Knicks and the Oklahoma City Thunder engaged in a trade involving the 11th overall pick (which turned out to be Ousmane Dieng). OKC exchanged that pick for three future first-rounders from various teams in the 2023 draft. That part is easy to understand.

What comes next, though, is a convoluted trail of trades that will leave anyone’s brain tangled up. First, the Knicks packaged one of the firsts they got from OKC along with FOUR second-rounders to Charlotte for the 13th pick in 2022.

Then, New York immediately packaged said 13th pick along with point guard Kemba Walker to the Pistons for Milwaukee’s 2025 first-round pick. For short: NYK gave up their 11th pick, four second-round picks, and Walker for three future first-round selections (two in 2023, one in 2025) (via Tim Bontemps,

The idea behind all these moves from the Knicks is so blatantly obvious: clear cap space for a free agent signing. In true NYK fashion, the team is once again gunning for a big splash in free agency instead of drafting their way to the top of the league. This time, their target seems to be Jalen Brunson of the Dallas Mavericks.

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These types of moves have been much-maligned by the Knicks fanbase for a long time now. We’ll see if they can finally justify these moves this season.

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