Reliance Jio partners with SES to offer satellite-based internet service


Reliance Jio Platforms Limited has entered a joint venture with SES to deliver satellite-based broadband service in the country. SES is a satellite-based internet connectivity solutions provider. Under the partnership, Jio Platforms Limited and SES will own 51% and 49% equity stake, respectively.
In a press statement, the company said that the joint venture will have availability of up to 100 Gbps capacity from SES and will leverage Jio’s premiere position and sales reach in India to unlock this market opportunity. It will develop extensive gateway infrastructure in India to provide services within the country.
“The joint venture will use multi-orbit space networks that is a combination of geostationary (GEO) and medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite constellations capable of delivering multi-gigabit links and capacity to enterprises, mobile backhaul and retail customers across the length and breadth of India and neighbouring regions,” it further added.
It will be the vehicle for providing SES’s satellite data and connectivity services in India, except for certain international aeronautical and maritime customers who may be served by SES.
The joint venture will leverage SES-12, SES’s high-throughput GEO satellite serving India, and O3b mPOWER, SES’s next-generation MEO constellation, to extend and complement Jio’s terrestrial network, increasing access to digital services and applications. “Jio, as an anchor customer of the joint venture, has entered into a multi-year capacity purchase agreement, based on certain milestones along with gateways and equipment purchase with total contract value of circa US $100 million”, the company said.