Remove password from any PDF file in minutes like this, time will be saved and tension will end


How to Remove Password from PDF : If you are active in the digital world and doing things like sending and downloading digital documents then you can download PDF files. ) will be met. This is a file format, which is being used the most nowadays. Many PDF documents contain important or confidential information, so they are also password protected. To open such documents, you have to enter the password again and again. There are also many of these that we need to open from time to time, but the complexity of entering the password again and again bothers us. Today we will tell you such methods by which you can easily remove the password from any document.

1. Delete it yourself without any app or software

First we will tell you the way in which you will not need any third party app. You can remove the password yourself by following a few steps.

  • Open any password protected PDF file on your device.
  • Now give print command to that document.
  • The page that will open after giving print command, in that page ‘Save as PDF’ Click on the option to save it.
  • This saved page will be able to open whenever you want without password.

2. How to remove it with the help of software

Now we are telling you the method by which you can remove the password from the original file without creating a duplicate file. For this you have to take help of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

  • First of all make sure to have Adobe Acrobat Pro software in your device. If you have this software, then open any password protected documents in it.
  • Now click on the option of lock icon. After this you have to go to the Permission Details. You will also have the option to go to the File menu and then to the Security option via Properties.
  • After the above command, you will get the option of Security Method.
  • You will get the drop down below to come to the menu. Selecting the NO Security option here, click on OK.
  • After that save the file. Doing so will remove the password from that document.

3. iPhone users how to remove password

Because the software of Apple’s iPhone is different from other phones and devices, the way to remove password from PDF in this smartphone is also slightly different. You have to follow these steps to remove the password.

    • First you download PDF Expert App in your phone with the help of App Store.
    • Now open the app and then click on menu.
    • its After clicking on the files folder, select any PDF file (password protected).
    • Open that file once by entering the password and click on the three dots shown on the top right.


  • Now you will see the option of Change Password. By going here, you will see the option of Change Password. You have to click on it.
  • At last you have to exit by clicking on remove password.
  • This way you can remove password from password protected PDF file in iPhone also

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