Sammathame Day 5 Box Office Collection-15% Drop Day 5 Box Office Collection

Sammathame day 5 box office collection-15% drop day 5 box office collection

Hello friends, you are very much welcome on our website, in today’s post, we are going to provide you information about the box office collection of Sammathame movie on the fifth day, how many rupees in this movie on the fifth day. Sammathame movie has been released in the box office and theaters on 24 June 2022, after which this movie is making a lot of noise in theaters and people consider it very good to watch and this movie is a comedy romantic drama film. In which you get to see very good comedy and romantic scenes have also been presented in this film,

which is looking very good by these actors, you will not get to see this type of romantic scene anywhere, so if you want to watch Sammathame movie If you want, you can easily watch, in today’s post we are going to provide you complete information about the film Sammathame , directed by Gopinath Ready, the actors working in this film are Kiran and Chandni Chaudhary. Main role due to which or movie very much super hit It is done and more and more people are watching this movie


Sammathame Movie Box Office Collection Day Wise Report

Day India Net Collection
Day 1 ₹ 0.7 Cr
Day 2 ₹ 0.89 Cr
Day 3 ₹ 0.98 Cr
Day 4 ₹ 0.58 Cr
Day 5 ₹ 0.50 Cr
Total ₹ 3.65 Cr

Box Office Collection Report of Sammathame Movie As you must be able to see in the list that this movie has earned 70 lakh rupees in the opening day, while there has been a huge increase in the box office collection on the second day, due to which it The movie has earned Rs 89 lakh and the third day’s earnings had reached ₹ 9800000, in this way, in its 5 days, Sammathame movie has managed to earn a total of three crore paise ₹ 200000 for your information. Am that the budget of this film is above about 8 crores, which is quite fine and this movie is seen earning around 15 crores in the coming time, this film released in Telugu language is very romantic and comedy. Due to which people are getting very good entertainment, that’s why people are enjoying watching this movie

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15% drop day 5 box office collection

Talking about the box office collection of the fifth day of Sammathame movie, you can see in the list that this movie had earned only 58 lakhs on the fourth day but on the fifth day this movie reached 50 lakhs. In this way, this movie has managed to earn Rs 5000000 with a drop of about 15%, thus far this movie has made a total box office collection of Rs 3 crore 65 lakhs, which is quite fine. For your information, I want to tell that this movie has earned ₹ 500000 with a decline of about 15% in its fifth day.

Sammathame Movie Details

Movie Details
Movie Name Sammathame
Release Date 24 June 2022
Country India
Budget 8 Crore Uprox
IMDB Rating 7/10
Language Telugu
FilmType Romantic Comedy Drama
Director Gopinath Reddy
cast Kiran abbavara,chandini chowdary

Sammathame Movie Pune Details We have given you in the above list, on which you can understand what is the details of this movie, this movie has been released in Telugu language on June 24, 2022, so if you are interested If you want to see Sammathame movie then you must watch or a romantic comedy drama film in which you have been shown amazing romantic scenes and if you like romantic and comedy movies then this movie is going to prove to be very good for you or movie Released in Telugu language and directed by Gopinath Reddy, the film stars Kiran Awara and Chandni Chowdhary in the lead roles, due to which Chandni Chowdhary’s fans are looking very excited to see this film.

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