Benefits of Sex


Sex is an important part of human life, while having sex has benefits for women and men, it also has some disadvantages. It cannot be said that it has more benefits or disadvantages because it depends on you that what is your way of having sex, but having sex has both advantages and disadvantages.

What is sex ?

Sex is primarily the process of inserting a man’s penis into a woman’s vagina. It is absolutely normal that brings happiness to human beings. Sex is done for the purpose of pleasure or for reproduction. The pleasure of sex is different from all other pleasures. Sex is a natural act, which can be different for different couples based on their sexual desires. Because everyone is different from each other.

The amount of sex is not fixed because having sex is up to you. Events related to your life may be done more in good times and less in bad times, depending on whether the sex drive is more or less. Some people have sex every day but some do not include it in their everyday days.

Vaginal sex is primarily referred to as sex. When a man’s penis enters a woman’s vagina, it is called vaginal sex. Penis penetration into the anus is preferred by some couples, while others prefer oral sex. Oral sex refers to the activity of using the mouth, lips, or tongue to stimulate another person’s genitals. Masturbation can also be considered sex. Vaginal sex is the most prominent form.

Benefits of Sex ?

benefits of having sex are included in.

  • lower blood pressure
  • immune system is better
  • Better heart health, lower risk of heart disease
  • increased self esteem
  • Depression and anxiety reduction
  • increased libido
  • instant natural pain relief
  • help sleep better
  • Increase in good relationship and closeness with sexual partner
  • stress reduction both physically and emotionally

Sexual Benefits in Men

here for you men benefits of sex has been told about.

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1. Having sex increases the fertility of men, it is seen by improving the quality of semen in them. This increases the level of the hormone testosterone, which is essential for the sexual health of men.

2. Sex can also affect your mortality rate. Sex reduces the risk of mortality by 50 percent.

3. Sex also plays a role in improving men’s muscles.

4. The risk of developing prostate cancer in men is reduced. One study found that increasing the frequency of ejaculation more than three times weekly reduced the risk of prostate cancer by 15%.

5. More sex leads to longer puberty in men, which is reflected in the health of their skin and energy levels.

6. The process of ejaculation helps in reducing the tension and flushing out carcinogenic agents by the body along with ejaculated semen.

Sexual Benefits in Women

Sex has many health benefits in women, so in women what happens when you have sex,

1. Sex increases the level of estrogen in women, which increases their fertility. Apart from fertility, estrogen also performs many other functions in women.

2. It is helpful in the development of breast tissue especially those who are breastfeeding.

3. It also improves vaginal lubrication which reduces vaginal discharge.

4. Apart from this, sex reduces the risk of breast cancer.

5. Sex can also improve women’s skin. It has a role in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles of the face. Sex may play a role in improving women’s skin texture.

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What Happens When You Have Sex ?

Having sex is what is happening inside your body that drives you to feel and react during sex. what happens when you have sex Let’s understand it this way.

Excitement – When aroused by sex, the heart beats faster and your breathing becomes heavy. It is also normal for the skin to turn red. More blood flows to the genitals. The penis becomes erect, the nipples become hard and the vagina may be wet. The muscles in your entire body get tense, which increases sexual tension.

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Plateau – Any changes that happen in your body during sex are accelerated such as: breathing, rapid heart rate and increased blood pressure. There is slight swelling in the vagina and its walls become dark in color. The clitoris becomes very sensitive to touch. The testicles are pulled upward.

Orgasm – Sexual arousal reaches its peak. When your body releases the tension, then intense muscle contraction is felt. The muscles of the vagina and uterus contract. When the muscles at the base of the penis feel tight and free, semen is ejaculated.

Sankalpa – After sex the body returns to its pre-sex position. The breathing calms down. Muscles want to relax. The penis and vagina return to their original shape and color. You may feel calm, satisfied or tired.

What are the benefits of masturbation ?

Like sex, masturbation also has many benefits, including:

1. getting to know your body

When you masturbate, your body becomes aware of what makes you feel good about sex. What are your expectations from your partner regarding sex that you will be able to share with them what you like.

2. Boost in self-esteem and body image

Masturbating regularly gives confidence. It develops self-awareness, body-awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence.

3. increased sexual satisfaction

People who masturbate have sex satisfaction. People who masturbate get satisfaction in sex.

4. increased libido

Masturbation makes you like to have more sex, the more sex you do, it increases the libido due to the increase of dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin, which makes sex feel good.

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5. happy meets

Masturbation activates the parts of the brain that are responsible for pleasure, such as the hypothalamus and thalamus. Masturbation is considered completely safe and has fewer health risks associated with it.

Side Effects of Sex

The health benefits of sex are many but there are also some side effects.

1. pain after sex

It usually occurs to both men and women after intercourse. Women may experience pain in the vagina, they may also have pain in the thigh. Men may experience pain in the penis. Severe pain is a matter of concern.

2. Unprotected sex and the risk of STDs

If you have unprotected sex, you and your partner are at risk of getting serious STDs like AIDS, syphilis and gonorrhea. Using a condom reduces the risk.

3. leg cramps

Pain causes leg cramps Both men and women experience leg pain and leg cramps after sex. However, it gets better with time.

Side Effects of Sex in Female

Sex also has side effects in women.

  • Sex affects immunity.
  • Causes urinary tract infection.
  • Sex may increase the risk of cancer in women.
  • Sex can disturb sleep in women, which can be a problem if they are trying to sleep.

Side Effects of Sex in Male

The side effects of sex in men are described further.

  • Sex makes men sleepy, which causes problems when done before work or other activities.
  • Sex can affect exercise performance.
  • Men have pain in urination due to sex, some men have severe pain while urinating immediately after sex.
  • Use of latex condoms in men can cause itching or burning during sex.
  • Men are prone to fatigue from sex.


Now you have got complete information about sex, what are its advantages and what are the disadvantages. Having sex also depends on one method, otherwise it can create problems for you.