Sharvaris “Dessert No. 8” Has Triggered Our Sweet Tooth

Keeping aside her diet regime, it looks like Sharvari is on a dessert spree. We aren’t saying this, her Instagram Stories have done all the talking. The fit and fab actress was seen relishing a doughnut. To be noted: It was her 8th dessert. Celebrity make-up artist Niccky Rajaani caught Sharvari gobbling down the eighth round of dessert and made it a point to share it with fans. Posting a snap of the actress digging into the doughnut, Rajaani wrote, “Dessert no. 8 Sharvari on a strict diet.” Re-sharing his Instagram Stories, Sharvari was in splits. She wrote, “Hahahahahahha” along with a laughing teary eye emoji. “Badla Be Sweet”, the actress added. Wait for a second, are you wondering what doughnut Sharvari was eating? Well, the doughnut had a white chocolate layer and some chocolate drizzle on top. Yummm, isn’t it? FYI: Sharvari is in the city of joy – Kolkata. And, the picture was clicked at Flury’s Bakery.

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Have a look: 


Not just Sharvari, doughnuts hold a special place in our hearts as well. Apart from being a handy dessert, it has somehow managed to become a breakfast food too. The cherry on top is the countless variations, from cake to glazed to cream-filled. What’s not to love? We have got you a couple of recipes that will guide you to make this ring hole dessert at home. 

1. Simple Glazed Donut 

If it’s your first time baking doughnuts, we would suggest that you must try the basic one first. All you need is cinnamon, milk, butter, eggs, nutmeg, and a pinch of salt. Glazed doughnuts are simple yet delicious in taste. 

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2. Chocolate Doughnut 

Once the doughnuts are baked, allow them to cool and then coat them in a velvety texture chocolate mix.  You can also add some chocolate shavings or Mukhwas. 

3. Peach Doughnut 

For all the health-conscious individuals, we have got you a guilt-free indulgence recipe. These doughnuts are basically a fruit, Saturn Peach. Coat it with a mix of ground almonds and raw brown sugar. You can also sear them in butter and set them on a lime-inflected raspberry sauce.  

4. Gluten-Free Doughnut 

Made with the goodness of granola, these gluten-free delicacies are a delight. Can we call it the best one already?

5. Eggless Doughnut 

Don’t like eggs? Not a problem. Your favourite doughnuts can be prepared without using eggs as well. Wondering how? Dig into this recipe and get your answers. 

Try out these recipes and let us know which is your favourite doughnut.