Singer Adnan Sami Holidays In Maldives, His Weight Loss Transformation Stuns Fans

The travel bug has bitten people, especially after two years of being confined to their homes. Indians are heading to all sorts of domestic and international destinations to relax and rejuvenate their senses, and of course, indulge in some good food. Singer Adnan Sami too headed to the Maldives with his wife Roya Sami Khan and daughter Medina Sami Khan. He took to Instagram to share a few pictures from his vacation, with an idyllic beach visible in the backdrop. What caught fans’ attention, however, was the singer’s stunning weight loss transformation. Fans were left stunned to see how much weight he had lost and how young he looked in his vacation pictures. Take a look:

Shared on his official Instagram handle @adnansamiworld, the picture has already raked in nearly 40,000 likes. Hundreds of fans of the singer shared their comments to his stunning weight loss. The singer, who is best known for hits like ‘Lift Kara De’ and ‘Bhar Do Jholi’ looked extremely healthy and fit in the pictures. “Unbelievable transformation Adnan… Salute,” wrote one user while another said, “I can’t believe my eyes…huge change!” Several also said he looked much younger in the pictures post his weight loss.

While Adnan Sami’s diet plan and weight loss journey has not been revealed yet, it is clear that he is in favour of eating all things healthy and natural. He shared a picture of himself with his daughter Medina and an array of fruits placed before him. There were oranges, grapes, dragon fruit, and a few other assorted berries in the tray. A bottle of a detox juice was also kept on the side. Take a look:

“Let the fun begin,” he declared in the caption, adding, “PARTY-POOPER-DISCLAIMER- It’s NON-ALCOHOLIC Sparkling Grape Juice!” Along with healthy food, Adnan Sami didn’t shy away from treating himself to some delicious food. The singer also indulged in some delicious Peruvian and Japanese cuisine while in Maldives on vacation. “Lunch at the popular ‘Mar-Umi’ restaurant. Incredible Peruvian & Japanese cuisine!! Just WOW,” he wrote on Instagram. Take a look:

Turns out that Adnan Sami is quite the foodie! In another post, he shared clicks of a delicious Indian meal he had in Maldives. “The authenticity is incredible, and the taste of every single dish is delicious, ‘finger lickin good’ & ultimately to die for & go to heaven…In short, a foodies delight & culinary bliss,” he wrote in his post. Check it out:

We would surely love to see more of what Adnan Sami eats in a day that led to his amazing weight loss and transformation! What did you think of his pictures from Maldives? Tell us in the comments.


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