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Shrine Gods are typically shown as detached spirits with a wisdom aura surrounding them. With its immortal elf Goddess who loves nothing more than gaming and worldly entertainment, the upcoming anime Otaku Elf will chuck those assumptions out the window.

Elda, a solitary elf, enjoys video games, character models, Edo-era cuisine, and anything else that weebs enjoy. As a result, when a new high priestess is appointed, she quickly finds that dealing with an otaku elf is far beyond her responsibilities.

An anime version of the Otaku Elf manga has been approved. Although no official release date has been set, you may expect it to arrive next year or in the fall of 2022.

The melancholy elf and Koito, the new high priestess, may be seen in the anime’s latest trailer.

You must have realised by now that dealing with this elf is more appropriate for a babysitter than a priestess. Traditional offerings are meaningless to her because she is so engrossed in otaku culture.

Koito, on the other hand, serves as Elda’s counterpoint. She is a high school student who works at the shrine and is extremely conscientious about her responsibilities. The anime will mostly focus on Koito’s efforts to push the immortal out of her comfort zone.

Check out the new image, which has both of the main protagonists with pop-culture things behind them.

Otaku Elf is a lighthearted comedy set at a Takamimi shrine. With a bashful elf and a sweet shrine maiden, I’m confident it’ll win a lot of hearts right away.
In 2019, Akihiro Higuchi’s Otaku Elf manga was published in the Shounen Magazine Edge. It has also been given the go-ahead for an anime version.

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An eternal elf who enjoys games lives in the Takemimi Shrine. As a result, when Koito, the new high priestess, reaches the temple, she notices that Elda has no interest in blessing people and instead prefers to play all day. The story follows the duo as Koito tries to persuade Elda to carry out her responsibilities.

Otaku Elf would have been on the top of my list if I could have requested an anime adaptation of any manga this year.

After all, one of my current favourite laid-back manga series is a comedy manga about a sloppy game-playing, manga-reading, shut-in elf who just happens to be the resident deity at Tokyo’s Takamimi Shrine.
Especially when it comes to Elda the elf’s connection with Koganei Koito, the 16-year-old shrine lady who looks after her.

So, hearing today that Otaku Elf will be adapted into an anime — sure, I’m ecstatic.

We don’t know when the Otaku Elf anime will air, but we’ll let you know as soon as we learn more.

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