The Meaning Of Ligma And How It Can Help You Grow Your Internet Following

The Meaning of Ligma

The LIGMA virus is a highly contagious disease that started to spread in June 2018 when Fortnite streamer Ninja became infected with the virus. It can spread quickly within seconds and only affects virgins; non-virgins are immune. Prof. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, has been the source of most of the contaminated LIGMA cases.


This outbreak of Ligma was caused by a video uploaded by the Ninja streamer PewDiePie. The video, which received over five million views, caused the Meijer chain of stores to apologize for the inconvenience. The Ninja did not like the hoax and commented on PewDiePie’s vlog. The Ligma meme has become an international phenomenon with many haters. The first victims of the ligma virus were young teenagers in the United States and Australia.

How to use ligma

Despite the ligma scare, there’s no need to panic. Using the Ligma as an opportunity to grow an audience is a great way to grow your Internet following. SupremePatty’s Ligma diagnosis video has been watched over 3.1 million times. If you’re worried about the potential for Ligma disease, don’t worry – there’s no reason to worry. It has never happened before.

While Ligma can seem scary, it’s not an illness that you have to fear. In fact, it can actually help you grow your internet following. In a video uploaded by SupremePatty, he showed his symptoms of Ligma and has since gained over 3.1 million views. It’s easy to see how a viral Ligma can become a huge hit. The more people who are aware of the Ligma, the greater their following.

Ligma : As fictitious disease

Although Ligma is a fictitious disease, it’s still a real one. Earlier this year, a fake rumor was spreading on the internet that Ninja had died of Ligma. Then, jokesters spread the myth that he had a ligma infection. Ultimately, the rumor was made up to create a scandal, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding.

The term ligma is a low-brow prank. It is short for “ligma balls.” In a popular Fortnite video, ninja-hater claimed that the ligma had killed him. The ninja had a very high mortality rate, which was why it quickly became an internet sensation. In addition, the ligma was so popular that it had become an instant hit. It even has a Wikipedia entry.

About Ligma

While the name of the viral disease is undoubtedly an exaggeration, the real name is Fornitenius virgonetis. In 1460, ligma was recorded on the Dalvector map. The ligma was associated with a fake ninja-hater’s Instagram post. It’s also considered to be a disease that killed a popular Fortnite streamer. Affected individuals are afflicted by ligma because it has no immunity to the illness.

The ligma was first recorded in 1516. It was initially a low-brow disease, but it soon became associated with the ninja_hater hoax. The fake hoax claimed that the ninja-hater died of “ligma,” which is a rare disease. The name ligma is an euphemism for the viral infection. The ligma was a common illness in Peppatown, and the ninja-hater allegedly died of the disease.


In the 16th century, the ligma was found in Peppatown. In 1460, a ligma epidemic in Peppatown killed 20,000 people. However, by the mid-1700s, a ligma epidemic had reached Peppaland and only a few people died. Today, the viral infection is a dreaded disease, and the only cure for the Ligma is a vaccine.

Because of the ligma rumors, he has been missing a day of streaming, which has caused rumors to spread. He has not been able to answer the question of whether he is still alive, and fans are worried about him. The rumors have fueled speculation, but he was able to respond to the tweets and messages from his fans. The latest episode of the popular show, Ninja, has been interrupted by a ligma.

After the virus has infected a person, the symptoms will appear within two days. If the infection is not in the second stage, the symptoms will disappear after three to four weeks. The symptoms will usually stop after three months. This disease will eventually kill the victim. The CDC has issued a report on the alleged virus, but it is too early to conclude whether it is a serious threat to public health. This viral infection is the leading cause of death in children.