This Box Office Game will test whether you are a true cinema fan

The Box Office Game is a fun Wordle alternative that tests your knowledge of films. Movie lovers, this one will make you happy.

The inception and raging popularity of Wordle has given birth to countless clone or spinoff games. All of these games try to add a unique twist to the classic Wordle game while keeping the basic gameplay the same. Over the last few months we have seen games like Absurdle, Nerdle, Worldle, Dordle, Quordle, Octordle and the incredibly difficult Sedecordle which asks you to solve 16 puzzles consecutively. But the list does not end here. Today, we have found yet another Wordle alternative for people who just cannot have enough word puzzles. And this time it is for the movie lovers. Check out this Wordle alternative that tests your movie knowledge and it is called the Box office game.

Box Office Game: Wordle alternative for movie lovers

The Box Office Game is quite different from Wordle, although it keeps the basic gameplay the same. So, what do you have to do? The game will give you a random weekend and will ask you to guess the top 5 movies in the US domestic box office for the given weekend. You will also get to see some useful information like the name of the studio, gross revenue of the weekend, total revenue, number of weeks it was running on the given weekend and more. Seems difficult? For most cinephiles it might not be the case. However, for the rest of us, the game offers clues, but it comes at a price.

So, you get only 5 chances to guess the right answers, which means you cannot have even a single wrong answer. The game gives you 200 points per right guess and an additional 200 points for guessing all the answers. But you also get additional hints to guess the movies. You can ask to see the tagline of the movie, the genre, director’s name, name of the top 2 actors and more. But all of this info costs you between 10-80 points. Additionally, you can also check the plot of the movie for a whopping 180 points! As soon as you have spent clues worth 200 points, the answer will be displayed to you and you will lose that round. As you can guess by now, the objective of the Wordle alternative is to finish the puzzle with as many points as possible out of 1200.

So, if the Box Office Game appeals to the cinephile inside you, then you can check out the game here, Enjoy playing!