Topson teases return to pro Dota 2 play for The International 2022

Dota 2 legend OG Topson teases his return to active competition. Is a Topson comeback in the works for TI11?

Is OG Topson Back? OG and BMW tease Topson’s return to Dota 2 Pro Play ahead of TI11

Almost out of nowhere, OG and BMW teased the return of legendary pro player and two-time TI winner Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen. Based on a video released earlier today, he appears to be contemplating a return to competitive play, with a new video tomorrow set to confirm Topson’s upcoming role in OG.

The teaser showed the star midlaner with his wife and daughter, even featuring a snippet of an interview with his wife throwing her support behind him if ever he comes back to play competitive Dota 2. However,

OG announced Topson’s departure from OG after The International 2021 to focus on his family, and he has never competed in a Dota 2 tournament since. Unlike his teammates Ceb, Notail, ana, and Jerax who all quit OG after their loss in The International last year, a Topson comeback actually never happened in any competitive capacity since his departure. Ceb returns every now and then to sub in for OG, Notail continued his duties as a coach for the team, while Ana and Jerax worked as freelancers for other teams throughout the latter half of this year’s season.

Topson returning to competitive play would definitely be groundbreaking. Even though OG lost early in TI 2021, many fans and analysts still consider every member of the OG team as some of the best players of Dota 2 in the world today. However, if he is due for a return ahead of TI 2022 for OG, then that means current midlaner Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov teamless, leaving the young prospect out in the cold for the rest of the season. So, OG’s current plans are actually interested, leaving fans guessing about what’s in store for both OG and Topson.

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