Trailer Released, a Hint of the Toy Story or a Connection, Details to Know Forward.

A new beginning, a completely new story named Lightyear: Ending Explained. So no more delay directly enters the story. This is a story in which a toy was gifted to a young boy named Andy Davis. From our childhood only we all have grown by watching the adventures of a light-year, the most unique type of toy. The most special things about these toys are they focus on time travel as well.

The story follows the plot where Andy Davis and his teammates found themselves on a completely different planet known as Tikana Prime. They try various ways to return but fail. Due to the presence of Time Dilation they can only travel to Space with the help of Buzz. Fans will also see that Emperor Zug is a huge character and will also have a huge role to play in the series. In the concept of Toy, Story Zurg was also there. In the later part, we will see that Lightyear reveals that he is a very old Buzz as well.

The best thing about the older Buzz is that it can travel faster and can easily have all the technology that he will require so that he can accomplish his missions. He needs to get back in the time before the crash takes place.

The director of the series also said that they were trying out Zurg as Buzz Father. If this is the way the series goes then the importance of the father can also be shown.

Evans the other hero also laid his views on the changing storylines in every phase of the series.

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One question from the fans about the Post credit scenes.

Happy news for the fans as three post-credit scenes have been given after the credits. Fans will get the first credit scene in the middle where we will see the commander working in his office and trapping a big insect which will later make him very proud of himself. The second credit scene is at the moment where Eric has shorted the best way for Buzz. Still, at that moment he also needs to correct something continuously.

The last credit is in the final scene. It will be displayed when Zurg Armour is floating in space after a battle.

The officials said that they also know that the demand for the Buzz is huge and for the love Toy story. Unlucky for the fans as there are no more cameos from the Buzz. This series of Movies shows us what Andy had seen way back in 1995, so no connections.

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