Two new Asuka memes are born on RAW

Asuka is the WWE Universe’s master of the memes.

She posts them herself on Instagrama lot of them really, creates them on her YouTube channel, Kanachantv, and even takes special pleasure in acting as over-the-top as possible whenever she’s on RAW, SmackDown, or a WWE Pay-Per-View, occasionally in the hopes of recreating on of her favorite memes,

So naturally, when Asuka was afforded a chance to take on her current rival, Becky Lynch, in a No Holds Barred Match as the main event of RAW, she used her entrance to both make an entrance… and a new meme in the process too.

Friends, I give you, JASUKAn Vorhees.

That might just be the best thing WWE has put on television in a very long time.

Now if that was the only gem Asuka delivered onto the WWE Universe during her main event appearance on RAW, it would have been enough; regardless of the outcome of the show, Asuka won the marketing battle even if she lost the match.

… but then, she did it again.

After placing her trashcan over Becky Lynch’s head, Asuka flew off the top rope to deliver an avalanche missile dropkick on “Big-Time Beck” and knocked her to the ground while Corey Graves delivered an all-time great line.

“Asuka the Grouch” – I know that was probably pre-written for Graves – I mean, she did come down to the ring with a trashcan – but goodness that doesn’t take away from the perfection of the spot: Like Daniel Day-Lewis with a script written by Paul Thomas Anderson, Graves, Asuka, and the writers in the back made a moment that will live on for years to come.

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