vanish mode: Explained: What is Instagram’s Vanish Mode and why should you use it


Meta-owned Facebook launched the Vanish mode on its chatting platform Messenger in 2020. Later on, it was added to Instagram’s messaging features as well. This feature helps users to have private chats that disappear after they are read. Instagram’s Vanish mode makes sure that your private messages are not being read by others snooping on your device. Here, we will discuss how this feature works and how it can help you.
What is Instagram’s Vanish Mode??
As per Facebook, this feature allows users to create and join temporary chat threads that are automatically deleted when the conversation is over. It is almost like the self-erasing feature that can be found on Snapchat.
Important details about Vanish Mode
Users need to note that this feature works only when users enable it manually. This feature isn’t available in group chats and can only work in chats between two people.
This feature will work only among users, who follow each other on the photo-sharing platform. The company has taken this safety precaution for users to avoid unsolicited messages from strangers.
Users have total control of their chat experience and can choose to accept using this feature with someone or can also decline their request. Users will be notified immediately if the person you are chatting with takes a screenshot of your messages in Vanish mode.
Vanish Mode will not hide messages that users send without enabling the feature. Messages will show up like every other message if you send it without turning on the Vanish Mode feature.
Why is it important for users?
Vanish Mode offers multiple advantages to Instagram users. Its priorities are user’s safety and privacy and it is perfect if you suspect someone snooping through your chats. Users can also use this feature if they want to have a private chat with another Instagram user that follows each other. You can share confidential details using the Vanish mode and there will be no chance of information being leaked
In Vanish mode, all seen or read text, pictures, memes, stickers, GIFs and others are permanently deleted once you end the chat. However, this mode also allows users to block or report a conversation that they don’t feel safe about.