Vidroh (Star Plus) Series Cast, Timing, Cast Real Name, Repeat Broadcast Timing, Story

Vidroh (Vidrohi) is an all-new Indian Hindi historical drama TV series that first premiered on Star Plus on 11 October 2021. The most awaited series will bring fresh and new content to viewers. The series was produced by Gatha Jain under the banner of Gatha Productions. The show stars Sharad Malhotra, Hemal Dev, and Sulagna Panigrahi in the lead roles. Vidroh is a story based in the pre-independence British era and explores the life journey of Odia independence warrior Bakshi Jagabandhu. The show will be released on October 11, 2021.

The story of the Vidroh series revolves around an armed revolution in Odisha in 1817 against the rule of the British East India Company. Apart from the rebellion, the story focuses on the personal life of Bakshi Jagabandhu. She is married to Radamani. However, since her latter is unable to conceive, she forces Bakshi to marry her warrior-princess Kalyani to advance a generation.

Popular Indian actress Jitin Gulati plays the male lead in this series, and beautiful actress Sulagna Panigrahi, famous for her role as Dhara in the TV show Amber Dhara, plays one of the main roles in this regular production. Princess role.

name Bidrohi
main cast sharad malhotra
hemal dev
Sulanya Panigrahi
Firoz Ali
genre history
director Prasad Gabandi
producer Subrat’s servant
Bodhisattva Doctor
Dr. Raj Kishore Kabade
story and scenario Faisal Aktar
pahlavi meta
Conversation Subrat’s servant
editor Ganga Kachala
Pratec Tabare
DoP Ravi Naidu
music sar potato
Aziz Nakashi
sound mixing Laxman Paracha
Costume Designer and Jewelery Tara Desai
nidy yash
Rakna Ward and Malkhani
Ekta Gupta
production designer prasun basu
Gauri Tiwari
art director Sandesi Gondlekar
Vishwanath Mistry
project head Rata Shridar
production house Gata Productions LLP

Vidroh (Star Plus) Series Timing and Repeat Telecast Timing

producer gata zain
camera settings multi camera
run time 21-24 minutes
manufacturing company Gata Productions
distributor star india

Vidroh (Star Plus) Series Timing and Repeat Telecast Timing

The popular historical drama series Vidrohi airs on Star Plus and runs Monday through Friday on the Disney Plus Hotstar at 6:30 PM on the Star Plus channel. The show is also available online streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The first promo was released on September 7, 2021, featuring Hemal Dev as Princess Kalyani. Other details related to the show include:

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channel name star plus
timing indicator Monday – Friday 6:30pm
run time 20-25 minutes
start date October 11, 2021
language Hindi
nation India
Vidroh Star Plus series cast timing cast real name repeat Vidroh (Star Plus) series cast, timing, cast real name, repeat broadcast timing, story, etc.

Vidroh (Star Plus) Series Appearance / Appearance Real Name

real name role name
sharad malhotra boxy self bandu
hemal dev As Warrior Princess Kalyani
Sulanya Panigrahi Radhamani Jagbandhu Mahapatra: The wife of Jagbandhu.
radica chabra like tilotama. Gaddar’s wife
Danny Sura Jeffrey Fletcher
Anang Desai As King Mukund of Badamba
Abtar Vaishnani as prince mohan
Chaitraly Gupte Swarna: Jagavandu’s adoptive mother
Jayan Ibad Khan Gaddadar Vidiadar Mahapatra
Sangam Rye Findki Bahu Valendra
Nikil Damre As King of Kurda
Krishna Chodhari role name unknown
Rahul Verma Rajput role name unknown
Smritt Kashar as Queen Chitraleka
Saurab Gokale role name unknown
Gittin Goulati role name unknown
Priya Tandon as an ambassador
Rajeshwari Data As Pantara: Radamani’s mother
Firoz Ali role name unknown

The Vidroh (star plus) series cast

Full cast of TV show Vidrohi

Sharad Malhotra As: Buxi Jagabandhu
sharad malhotra
Hemal Dev As: Kalyani (Jagabandhu’s second wife)
hemal english
Sulagna Panigrahi As: Sangamitra (Jagabandu’s first wife)
Sulanya Panigrahi
Firoz Ali As: (Uncle of Beam Cha-Cha Ja-Bandu)
Firoz Ali
Chaitrali L Gupte As : Adoptive mother of Jagbandu
Chaitraly Gupte
Anang Desai As: King Mukund of Badamba (father of Kalyani)
Anang Desai
Jane Ibad Khan as Gaddar Vidiadar Mahapatra
Jane Ibad Khan
Nikhil Damle As: King of Kurda
Nikil Damre
Danny Sura: Robert Fletcher
Danny Sura
aptap kareem
aptap kareem
Rahul Lana
Rahul Lana
kunal gaud
kunal gaud
Sunidi Chowhan
Sunidi Chowhan
Sangam Rye
Sangam Rye
Minaxy Dixit
Minaxy Dixit
vega tamotia
vega tamotia