Vince Carter’s wife details scary ordeal in weekend burglary

Vince Carter’s Atlanta house was reportedly burglarized over the weekend, with the wife of the former NBA star and his kids apparently at home when the incident happened.

According to Carter’s wife, Sondi, she and their two sons were on bed late in Sunday night when she heard noises in front of their house, per, She and her children quickly hid in the closet after calling 911, telling the dispatcher that someone broke into their home and she could hear someone rummaging into their belongings in the other rooms.

The wife of the NBA icon also contacted their neighborhood patrol. According to the police report, a neighborhood patrol office was the first to arrive in the scene and saw a masked man wearing all black running from the house. Unfortunately, the said officer was unable to catch the thief.

Fortunately, Sondi and the children are safe. A front window on the house, however, had been smashed.

The incident report also revealed that the Carters lost nearly $100,000 in cash in the burglary, which were the money they kept in a bag in a closet. There were “a large amount of $100 bills spilled on the ground,” reportedly totaling $16,000, which is said to be part of the money taken.

Police also found two guns in the crime scene, a gold Desert Eagle pistol and a black Glock 26 pistol with an extended magazine. The Desert Eagle belonged to the Carter family, but the other one is believed to be from the thief.

Authorities are now checking surveillance video and the fingerprints from the crime scene to get any lead on the suspects.

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Vince Carter played for the Hawks from 2018 until his NBA retirement in 2020. He reportedly bought the Atlanta home in 2020.

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