Viral Now: Burger King Employees Measly “Goodie Bag” On 27th Work Anniversary

Fast food chains are known for great quality food and maintaining excellent standards with every meal. If you go behind the scenes of these fast-food outlets, you will find some hardworking employees who work day and night to provide us with delicious food every single time, although not all of these employees are rewarded as handsomely for their efforts. Recently, a Burger King employee found himself among the top trends on Twitter. He completed 27 years of working at his job at Burger King, and it was indeed reason to celebrate the work milestone! The video that he shared online, however, left Twitter users divided. Take a look at the viral video here:

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The video of the Burger King employee went viral on multiple social media platforms including Reddit and Twitter. It raked in over 240k views on Twitter, where it was shared by user @mymixtapez.  Although his name was unknown, the employee was visibly excited about his work milestone and completing 27 years at Burger King. “My reward that my job got me for 27 years, never missed a day of work,” he wrote in the video. “So thankful,” and “loyalty pays off,” he added. He showed off a goodie bag that he received which had some chocolates, some mints, a sipper from Starbucks and a movie ticket.

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Twitter users remained divided about the employee who completed 27 years of service at Burger King. Some users said that it was great that he was so appreciative and thankful of the small gesture by his company. Othersl felt that he deserved much more for his loyalty and dedication to the job. “This man dedicated 27 years of service to Burger King and wasn’t even rewarded with $27 worth of trinkets in his “Goodie Bag”,” wrote user u/fastRitz on Reddit. “This guy been working for Burger King for 27 years and they gifted him bag of Reese’s, two pens, and a Starbucks cup. Come on Burger King, you could have done better than that. We work for these companies that don’t appreciate our hard work and dedication,” read another comment on Twitter.

Take a look at the reactions on Twitter:

This is not the only time Burger King has found itself in the news. The burger chain is known for its amazing marketing campaigns and this time was no different. Recently, their ‘jugaad’ advertisement with actor Hrithik Roshan also got appreciation for its creativity.

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Do you think the Burger King employee deserved a better reward after completing 27 years? Or do you think it was a nice gesture nevertheless? Tell us in the comments below.