Viral Video: This Bizarre Watermelon Pizza Has Left Internet In Shock

Pizza toppings have led to some heated arguments on the internet. Most foodies find the idea of fruits on a pizza disgusting. The most popular fruit topping on pizza – pineapple – has been the centre of multiple debates. While some foodies do enjoy eating pineapples on a pizza, others strictly reject the idea of fruit and pizza coming together. However, that hasn’t stopped foodies from putting mangoes on their pizzas. It is clearly established that fruit topping on pizza is not going away any time soon, but recently we have found a bizarre pizza-fruit combination that left us confused. We have all heard of fruit on pizza, but have you ever heard of pizza on a fruit?! Take a look:

In the video, we see a man taking a slice of watermelon and grilling it on a pan. He then spreads barbecue sauce on the grilled fruit and adds that “Bbq sauce works better with watermelon than tomato”. The grilled watermelon slice becomes the pizza base, which he garnishes with cheese and tops with pepperoni. He grills it again and finally, indulges in what he called a watermelon pizza slice.

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The video was uploaded on Instagram by a handle named @9gag and, with credits given to @oli.j.paterson97. That’s not all. Later in the video we see the man bake a watermelon like it is a ham. With over 5.4 million views, the video of watermelon pizza has gone viral!

The internet was not impressed to see a watermelon pizza. People were actually shocked to see this crazy food invention! Read what people had to say on the internet:

“Use me as a dislike button”

“Why would you do that”

“Wasting a perfectly good watermelon for some nasty foolishness”

“Please stop abusing watermelon”

“This should be illegal”

What did you think of this bizarre watermelon pizza? Would you be interested in trying it out? Do tell us in the comments section below!


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