Watch Rey Mysterio get Latino Heat on Finn Bálor in the 619

When Dominik and Rey Mysterio took the ring for their Fourth of July match on RAW, it was a special WWE moment.

No, not because of their opponents, as the Mysterios have tussled with the men of Judgment Day before, but because the match was taking place in San Diego, the city the duo are billed from before every match they wrestle and the city whose area code lent the “619” move its numerical name. Wrestling at the Pechanga Arena San Diego, which, according to commentary, Dominik’s school bus would drive by every morning on his way to class, the only Father and Son championship duo in WWE history had a long and healthy bout filled with big moves, fun spots, and enough comebacks by the babyfaces to get the fans in attendance cheering on their hometown heroes.

And the best part? The Mysterios got the win with a little help from a maneuver made famous by their family friend Eddie Guerrero,

Goodness graceful, now that’s what I call some Latino Heat.

Because the referee didn’t see whether or not Finn Bálor actually connected with Rey before he fell to the ground in pain, he called the match off and awarded the win to the Mysterios and allowed the duo to take to the ramp as galvanizing heroes who dazzled fans the world over but weren’t afraid to return home and deliver the goods to their friends and family. Now granted, the duo were jumped backstage shortly thereafter, with Damian Priest delivering an absolute beatdown on Rey, but hey, for a time, the Mysterios felt as beloved by their hometown fans as they are by the WWE Universe as a whole.

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