Watch: Tawa Paneer Chilli Toast: This Yummy 2-Min Recipe Makes For A Fulfilling Breakfast

Whether you are working from home or office, I think we all can agree that making breakfast is one of the most challenging things. You might be pressed for time or busy with all sorts of chores in the morning. But despite that, many of us try to make time for breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. It could be a cup of coffee, maybe even a toast or some leftovers that we reheat. However, if you wish to make something delightful, fulfilling, and quick, how about a chilli paneer toast?! Now we know that this may sound like a lot of work to do in the morning, but you’ll be surprised to know that this recipe takes only two minutes to cook! Yes, you heard us! This quick and easy recipe is full of flavours and spices that will make your mouth water.

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In this dish, you need to chop some vegetables, mix them with herbs, sauces, and spices and top it on a piece of bread with cheese! Sounds easy to make, right? The best part is you can easily make this on your tawa and relish a delicious breakfast.

The recipe that we bring you today is by food blogger Parul Jain from Youtube Channel ‘Cook With Parul.’ Once you make this recipe, pair it with a cold coffee. Find out the full recipe below:

Tawa Paneer Chilli Toast Recipe: Here’s How To Make Tawa Paneer Chilli Toast

In a bowl, add chopped onions, capsicum, and red and green bell peppers. Now mix this with mayonnaise, schezwan sauce/pizza sauce, red chilli flakes, oregano, and salt, and combine. Now add paneer cubes to this and combine again. Then take bread slices, and add a cheese slice or mozzarella to it. Then put the paneer masala stuffing on it. Now, heat a tawa slightly, add some oil, and put the bread slices on it. Cover it and let the cheese melt. Once done, serve and enjoy!

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Watch the full recipe of this tawa paneer chilli toast here:

Try out this lip-smacking recipe, and do let us know how you liked its taste in the comments below.