What Is An Ad Blocker? Is It Correct To Use? Best Ad Blocker

Today, due to increasing competition, it has become difficult for brands and companies to make a profit. In such a case, it uses these marketing methods to reach more people. This is the reason why it is used much more than internet marketing nowadays.

Today, all companies publish their ads on the internet and social media platforms. But often this AIDS begins to bother people due to the use of Ad Blocker. If you don’t know what an Ad Blocker is and whether to use an Anti-Banner, read this article thoroughly.

What is an Ad Blocker?

Ad blocker is a feature that blocks unapproved ads that can be seen by users. That is, if a person goes to the Internet using an ad blocker, he gets rid of many unapproved ads.

Ad Blocker is provided to users in many ways, such as a browser extension or an app or software. There are many types of ad blockers, and there are ad blockers for almost all operating systems.

Currently, there are many browsers that provide ad-blocking feature on various operating systems. By using this custom feature, the consumer, popup helpers etc. It can avoid many unapproved advertisements such as

Ad blocker has been used by many consumers for years to avoid unapproved ads, but there are many types of AIDS, so it can only block AIDS to a certain extent.

There are many types of third-party extensions and apps on the internet that provide ad blocking, and these apps and extensions are called ad blockers.

Every time you open a website while surfing using ad blocker, pop aids etc. Many unapproved aids such as Internet in a better way.

How Does an Ad Blocker Work?

Many people who do not have the right knowledge about ad blocker do not know how an ad blocker works? Also, for information, if you don’t know how ad blocker works, say it’s easy to understand how ad blocker works.

In fact, most websites, pop-aids etc. Offers a specific type of script to load. The ad blocker blocks such scripts so that you do not see the appropriate ads.

Advantages of Ad Blocker

If you want to get complete information about Ad Blocker, it is important that you also know the benefits of Ad Blocker. If you don’t know what the benefits of an ad blocker are, let us know that there is not one but many benefits of ad blocker.

Talking about some of its key benefits, here are some of the biggest advantages of an ‘ad blocker’:

1. Makes the page easier to read by removing distracting aids: One of the biggest advantages of an ad blocker is that when you access websites and blogs that use the internet using an ad blocker, you avoid inappropriate and distracting aids that enhance your reading experience.

2. Web pages load fast: One of the many advantages of using an ad blocker is that using an ad blocker makes your web pages load faster when you use the internet. In fact, ad blockers reduce the load of the web page by removing the external script of the helpers as the web page starts to load quickly.

3. Prevents Advertisers From Tracking You: One of the many advantages of an ad blocker is that it prevents advertisers from tracking you. Currently, companies need to get the data of the people they run ads that can follow people, but the ad blocker makes it difficult.

4. Reduces Battery Usage: People often worry about their device’s battery and usually try to hide it when there is no charger and the phone has less charge. If you are searching the internet, Ad blocker works to save your battery by blocking ads.

5. Protects You From Malware: Most of the time, after using different types of websites, your device gets malware which causes many problems in your device software. In such a case, by using ad blocker, these malware can also be saved from sticking to your device because most of the malware comes only from utilities.

Disadvantages of Ad Blocker

In this article, we told you what an ad blocker is and how an ad blocker works, as well as the advantages of an ad blocker, but now it’s important for you to know what the disadvantages of an ad blocker are.

So you can get complete information about ad blocker. While there are many disadvantages of using an ad blocker, if we were to talk about the main disadvantages of an ad blocker, they are as follows:

1. Site Breaks: Adblocker works to block many scripts and many sites can rely on these scripts. In such a situation, it is considered normal for sites to break down while surfing the web using an ad blocker. Many big and important websites also break out of ad blocker usage so there is a need to avoid it.

2. User Experience Sucks: If you use the internet without ad blocker after using the ad blocker then you will definitely see some benefit, but your user experience will also deteriorate drastically as the ad blocker blocks many scripts, which will cause changes to the sites. In such a situation, it should be used wisely.

Is it ok to use Ad Blocker?

Many people who don’t have the right knowledge about ad blockers and are considering using an ad blocker want to know if ad blockers are okay to use or should they not be used?

The answer depends entirely on your preferences because if you don’t like ads at all, you can use an ad blocker.

Currently, most of the websites use native ads which do not bother the readers much but prove to be beneficial for them in many cases.

Apart from that, there are also disadvantages of using adblocker as you will not be able to do many sites correctly, and in many cases, it has been seen that using adblocker spoils people’s user experience.

How to use Ad Blocker

If you want to use ad blocker and don’t know how to use ad blocker, it will tell you to use ad blocker for information, either you will have to use such a browser.

This will allow ad blocking or you have to download an app from your play store that helps your browser to block ads.

If you search the internet on PC, you can use any of the best adblock extensions no matter what browser you use the internet, otherwise most of the browsers currently offer the ability to block the ad itself.

Before using Adblocker, you should also see its disadvantages as it greatly affects your user experience.

Ad Blocker for Android Smartphones

We know that Android smartphone has the most users in the world and Android users also have the most inappropriate advertising issues. In such a case, if you are an Android user, you may also be annoyed by the ads.

If you are an Android user and are bothered by ads, let’s say for information that you can use some of the best ad blockers to stop ads, they are as follows:

Advertisement Way: adway It is one of the best Android Smartphone based Adblocker working in India which provides the best features of Ad Blocking on Android Smartphone. You can easily download it from Play Store and use it to block unapproved ads on your smartphone after setting up your account.

Ad blocker plus: Ad blocker plus There is a popular ad blocker app that you can easily download from the Play Store and then set up your account there and use it to avoid ads on your Android phone. This app will also help you to block ads in your browser.

By the way, apart from these, there are thousands of such apps in Play Store that provide or claim to block Ad-Blocking, but if you want the best ad-blocker feature then this is your best option.

Ad-Blocker Extension for Chrome

If you’re using a computer or laptop, like most people, you probably use Chrome on your computer or laptop to access the Internet.

If you are a Chrome user and have problems with ads, you can easily avoid ads by installing one of the best ad blocker extensions on your Chrome browser. Here are some of the best ad-blocking extensions that work on Chrome:

AdBlock: If you are a Chrome user and you are facing the problem of unapproved and unwanted ads, you can use a great ad-blocker extension to get around this problem.

Whose name is AdBlock! You can easily install it on your Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store and then open it to get rid of the ads.

Ad blocker plus: AdBlock Plus not only provides ad-blocking feature as an app on Android operating system, but also offers ad-blocker feature to users in Chrome as an extension.

Yes, you can easily install and open it in your Chrome browser from the Google Chrome Web Store to avoid ads.

Apart from these two, while there are some great extensions that you can use as Ad Blocker, this is the most used and reliable Chrome Extension.

Ad Blocker for iOS and Mac

If you are an Apple user and using iOS or Mac operating system, you do not need to download a separate ad blocker for this, because Apple already provides ad blocker system on your device.

In the settings you have the ad blocker option where you can choose what things you want to use the ad blocker for. It is a great inbuilt ad blocker that works very well and makes your user experience better than ever.


There is no doubt that the number of people using the internet is increasing rapidly nowadays and people are using many types of websites.

Many people like to avoid unapproved ads while using adblocker internet, but many people don’t know what Ad Blocker is and is it ok to use? We have explained all this in detail in this article.

We wrote this article for you, in which we provide all the information about Ad Blocker in an easy language, share it with your friends and inform them about it.