What Is Instagram Highlights? How To Add Highlights On Instagram

What is Instagram Highlights, how to add Highlights to your Instagram Profile and how to add Instagram Highlights Cover Icons. This question comes to many people, but after reading today’s article, you will have the answer to this question.

Nowadays, when Instagram has become so popular, if you ask someone which social media app you like, most people will say Instagram.

In such a case, everyone wants to make their profile attractive and beautiful on Instagram in order to increase their followers on Instagram and become famous in a short time, and for this they want to add highlights to their profile.

But some people don’t know how to add Highlights on Instagram. But no need to be disappointed, in today’s post you will know How To Add Highlights On Instagram, How To Add Highlights And How To Add Icon To Instagram Highlights.

What are Instagram Highlights?

Instagram Highlights is a feature of Instagram itself, where you can make your stories stand out, many people use this feature because it makes your profile look very attractive, which helps you increase followers.

As you know, whenever we add a story to Instagram, it is automatically deleted after 24 hours, but if you like a story you created and you want to show it on your profile, you can use it.

Story Highlight removes your story from the Stories section after 24 hours, but it will not be deleted from your profile and will appear on your profile just like your posts and reels. These Highlights appear just below their Instagram Bio.

When a user comes to your profile, they see your reels and posts as well as highlights, and when they see the highlights, their name comes up in their viewer list.

How to Add Highlights on Instagram

Once you know what Instagram Highlights are, now is the time to add these Highlights to your Instagram Profile. To put your highlights on Instagram you have to follow the steps given below.

Stage 1) To add Highlights on Instagram, you must first open Instagram and log in to your Instagram account.

Step 2) Now you need to click on the section called My Story from where you entered the story. Click here to learn how to set up Story on Instagram.

Stage 3) Let’s say you want to make your current story Highlights, then you need to click on the Highlights option below.

instagram highlights banane ke liye highlight icon par click square

Step 4) After clicking Featured, you should now name Featured so that it appears on your profile with a name or title. After naming the highlight, you need to click Add.

add highlights ko naam de or fir par click kar de

Step 5) After doing all these, your Highlight is ready, now you can see the Highlight by clicking on your profile.

How to make an Instagram Featured Cover

On some people’s profile you must have seen some black and white and some colored icons in the highlights on someone’s profile. This encompasses their highlights and also looks very good and attractive in appearance.

By the way, you can also download Instagram Highlights Cover Icons with the help of internet, but if you want to make Highlights Cover yourself, you have to follow the steps below.

Stage 1) To make Instagram Highlights cover, you need to download Highlight Cover & Logo Maker App. you or click here You can download this App.

Step 2) As soon as the application opens, you must select the templates. I want to make Black and White Icon so I click on Black Template. You can click on the template you want.

choose template square

Stage 3) Now you will get many options.

icon design square or fir download icon par click square cover download square
  1. You can change the background by clicking Background.
  2. With the help of this option you can install Frames.
  3. You can apply different types of icons by clicking Icons. You can put any Symbol you want, as I put the Heart Symbol.
  4. With the help of the last option you can add text.
  5. After designing all these, you can download this cover by clicking the Download Icon given above.

This is how you can turn off Instagram Highlights.

How to Highlight a Cover on Instagram?

After creating the Instagram Highlight cover, you should now add them to the Highlight cover on Instagram. To put Featured Icons on Instagram, you have to follow these steps.

Stage 1) To turn off Highlight on Instagram, you need to open Instagram and long press the Highlight you want to add Icon or Cover.

Step 2) As soon as you long press the Highlight, the Edit Highlight option will appear. You have to click on it.

add instagram highlight cover scorecard ke liye edit highlight par click square

Stage 3) You can change the title of Featured after clicking Edit Highlight, you need to click Edit Cover to apply the cover.

edit cover par click

Step 4) You will now see the gallery icon at the bottom. Click on the icon you created or downloaded to select it. After that click on save.

So you can turn off your Instagram Highlight and make your profile even more attractive.

Benefits of Creating Instagram Highlights

  1. Creating Instagram Highlights makes your profile look beautiful and attractive, and adding Covers to Highlights makes your profile look even more beautiful and attractive.
  2. You can save your Instagram Stories as Memories in Highlights.
  3. With Instagram Highlights, you can keep your story for more than 24 hours.
  4. The first impression on the visitor through the highlights is very good.

How to Delete Instagram Highlights?

To delete Instagram Highlights, you need to long press Highlight, after that, many options will appear in front of you. In the same options, you get the Delete Highlight option under Edit Highlight. You can delete Instagram Highlights by clicking which one.

Some questions about Instagram Highlights

1) How many photos or videos can be added to Instagram Highlights.

You can add up to 100 photos or videos to Instagram Highlights, and there’s no limit to the number of Instagram Stories you can feature.

2) Instagram Highlights disappear after 24 hours?

No, Instagram Highlights are not removed after 24 hours.

3) Can we make our own Highlight cover?

Yes, you can easily make a beautiful cover with apps like Canva and Highlight Cover Maker.


In today’s post, you learned what is Instagram Highlights, how to create Instagram Highlight, how to make Instagram Highlight, how to turn off Instagram Highlight, how to delete Instagram Highlights and what are the benefits of creating Instagram Highlights.

I hope you enjoyed our post today and now you can easily create Instagram Highlights, but if you still have any doubts, you can ask us via comments.