Windows 11 tips: Here is how to make it look awesome

Check out these Windows 11 tips and tricks to personalize your OS. Here are the steps to personalize Windows 11 wall paper and lock screen.

Are you bored of your regular Windows 11 wallpaper? If yes, then you must know that you can make it exciting by changing both the wallpaper and lockscreen. You can personalize the wallpaper, themes, and colors of your Windows 11 display from a number of available options. Windows has plenty of options for customizing wallpaper and lock screens. You can select a color, photo, or slideshow for your wallpaper, as well as a lock screen and pick a theme. The process is quite simple and straightforward to do the same. Here’s how you can personalize your Windows 11 wallpaper and lock screen.

How to personalize your Windows 11 wallpaper and lock screen

To personalize your Windows 11 wallpaper and lock screen, you’ll have to simply click on the Start button and select Personalization in the left-hand menu under Settings tab. Here’s how to proceed with the same

How to change your Windows 11 wallpaper

1. Once you go to the Personalization tab and head to the Background bar.

2. There you’ll see a preview of images. Use the drop-down menu available in the right of Personalize your background section from where you can use a picture, slideshow, or solid color as a wallpaper

3. Either you can use any of the available options or you can select any of your own photos from the gallery.

4. Adjust its size so that it can fit your desktop image. Once done, you’ll see your new wallpaper behind the Settings window.

5. If the image doesn’t fill the entire screen, you can also select a background color from the Personalize your background drop-down menu. You can also create a custom color.

6. You can even set a slideshow in the Personalize your background menu and select pictures that you want to show in your slideshow from the picture album. You can even set how the slideshow changes images, toggling shuffle, whether to play the slideshow on battery power, and how the image should fit the screen.