With the Series of Shows of One Piece Now It’s Time for Chapter 1054 to Entertain Us. Get All the Release-related Information Right Here.

The popular Japanese adventure comic One Piece’s Chapter 1054 will be released shortly; find out information about the release date and time, spoilers, and raw scans of the chapter here.

Wano Country is just celebrating the end of Kaido and Orochi’s 20-year rule with a feast, as we saw in the last episode. Regardless, someone is on the way, and it is the New Admiral, who is furious at the end of the chapter. He was often considered to be Zoro’s father or a former Lord of the Wano Land by many admirers. This does not appear to be the case, though. Here’s all you need to know about One Piece chapter 1054, including the publishing date.

The elders’ misgivings over Luffy’s new reward poster and the initial “D” begin Chapter 1053. The news of the two emperors’ demise had spread throughout the land. A special reward of 3 billion berries has been given to each of the three pirate leaders in charge of this assignment.

Kid rushes to Flower Capital to see Ruler Luffy, the new emperor. Except for Jinbei, every other straw hat in the Flower Capital, including our newest straw hat Yamato, is content. Robin is hiding in the castle’s basement. Hitetsu, who claims that he has always been Kozuki Sukiyaki, meets her there.

She wants to know where the antique weapon pluton is. The item is undoubtedly in Wano, according to Kozuki Sukiyaki. Meanwhile, Ryoguku continues to torture the surviving beast pirates, including the King and Queen. His real name is Aramaki, and everyone knows who he is. He intends to murder Luffy, who is having a good time in the capital.

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One Piece Chapter 1054 will be released on June 24, 2022, which will please fans. This chapter will be available at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday. The manga will take a short pause after the release of chapter 1054. On Viz Media and Manga Plus, Chapter 1054 of One Piece will be accessible to read.

The manga’s raw scans for chapter 1054 have yet to be released. Fans anticipate that the new chapter of One Piece will reveal a plethora of additional straw hats, particularly Yamato’s. The other straw hats’ responses to seeing Luffy as the new Emperor will be hilarious. Buggy, an unlikely figure, is also dubbed the new Emperor. Seeing it more regularly than the others will be wonderful. To show himself to Admiral Akainu, Aramaki intends to kill.

Manga fans are well aware that spoilers frequently surface on the internet prior to the publication of a new chapter in the series. We’ll include a link to the original source of these spoilers in this section of the article so you may examine them on your own time and form your own conclusions. There are currently no internet spoilers for Chapter 1054; however, we intend to update this article as soon as such material becomes available.

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