World Record Holder for Spelunky 2 speedruns dies aged 25

Twiggle, a renowned Spelunky 2 speedrunner and world record holder, has passed away at the age of 25 earlier this week.

Twiggle, real name Matthew Joseph Julian, rose to prominence for his amazing achievements in the action platformer roguelike games Spelunky and Spelunky 2. He was the first to achieve and the current world record holder for reaching 7-99 the fastest in the non Cosmic Ocean category of Spelunky 2. He passed away at the age of 25 earlier this week.

The news came from a friend of Twiggle, a fellow speedrunner, named XanaGear. XanaGear tweeted about Twiggle’s passing after spreading the news on Discord channels he and Twiggle shared together.

Twiggle is survived by his parents, his young nephew, and his two pet dogs. His obituary from his family reads: “Julian was very sensitive and kind, and a peacemaker. He was a blessing to all who knew him. He was especially adored by his dogs Molly and Lola, and his young nephew Adam. He was Adam’s best bud and taught him how to play games of many kinds on the computer and Nintendo.”

The news comes just after the conclusion of the 2022 Summer Games Done Quick semiannual charity marathon, which is a convention where fellow speedrunners of Twiggle participate in and use the opportunity to raise money for charity. This year’s Summer GDQ raised over $3 million for the Doctors Without Borders charity.

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Twiggle’s death has sent shockwaves in the speedrunning and Spelunky communities, but an outpour of friends and supporters have come out to share their favorite moments with Twiggle. You can share in this tribute to him by checking out his videos on his Youtube channel and watching or discovering just some of his most entertaining moments and just some of his unbelievably amazing achievements in video games.

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