Your iPhone can help you relax, or SLEEP! How to play those sounds on iPhone 13

iPhone can help you relax or sleep by playing soothing background sounds, or white noise. Here is how to play it.

There are moments you just want to relax in the company of some soothing ambience, or just wake up to a quiet and relaxing morning after a tiresome evening. And that is best accompanied by sounds of nature; or more popularly known as white noise. The best part is that if you have an iPhone, you can play these sounds without downloading any third-party app, or subscribing to any other service. Instead, you simply need to deep dive into your iPhone’s settings and just hit the play button. Yes, it is that easy. Hop on as we show how to do this.

Note that for the background sounds to play, you will need to have your iPhone updated to the latest iOS 15.5 version. Also, note that Apple does not provide this features under any separate app, hence you should not download any other app from the App Store that claims to provide these features separately. The iPhone by default provides six kinds of background sounds, three of which just try to imitate noise. The rest of the three are ambient sounds recorded from nature. Also note that these sounds are available on the iPad as well.


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