youtube gaming: Explained: Know all about YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming is Google’s live video gaming website that is now a part of the YouTube platform. This is a section on Google’s video-sharing platform where users can watch video game content — both live-action and on-demand. Google introduced this platform as a separate app in 2015 (which was also available on various platforms) to compete with Twitch but decided to shut it down in 2019. The app also came with features such as the Super Chat, dedicated Game Pages and Channel Membership. Let’s have a closer look at how YouTube Gaming lives on and how it continues to compete with Twitch.
What happened to YouTube Gaming??
Usage data revealed that YouTube Gaming wasn’t popular among the users as only a small number used the app and most preferred the main YouTube app or the site. This was the reason for YouTube to discontinue the app and release a new Gaming section on their main site with most of the features of the app.
The gaming section on YouTube’s main site has also added some new features over the years like a place for Gaming Creator on the Rise. This option was aimed at new creators, which helped them with the chance to find a bigger audience during the early stages of their channels.
How to access YouTube Gaming??
Users can now find it under the “more from YouTube” section along with YouTube Live, movies, and shows. It can also be accessed with the link: Here you can find 60 frame-per-second videos and can also use YouTube’s live DVR function, regardless of the platform you are watching on.
The DVR function allows users to record any program that airs on YouTube TV. Recordings won’t occupy space on your device, but you will need an internet connection to view the recorded programs. Recently, YouTube announced that it will start creating an immersive metaverse experience on its video platform with the gaming section.
How is it trying to catch up with Twitch?
Twitch dominates, YouTube Gaming too is a force to reckon with. The reason for Twitch’s growth is mostly due to the influx of streamers who don’t post gaming content at all. Moreover, YouTube is targeting the eSports content segment more as it signed a deal with Activision Blizzard for an exclusive partnership for the Call of Duty and Overwatch leagues in 2020. This eSports deal can be a significant move in the gaming market. Recently, YouTube announced that it will start creating an immersive metaverse experience on its video platform with the gaming section.
On the other hand, Twitch still has a difficult interface that is not being updated even after other platforms are affecting its user base. It is also easier to start a streaming career on YouTube as Twitch remains more traditional and crowded.
How else is it different from Twitch?
Twitch focuses mostly on live streaming and its on-demand offerings are limited which users can have trouble finding. However, the Gaming section on YouTube puts equal importance on both live and on-demand content.
Videos present in the Gaming section of YouTube also offers the ability to rewind during a live broadcast. This feature is very important for someone who might be late to join the live streaming of a major tournament. The gaming section in YouTube also claims to offer an improved chat system for the live audience. To counter that, Twitch has a collection of universal and channel-specific emotes.